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How Fast Is 5G Home Internet and More Answers About the Emerging Technology


It’s all about the need for speed with home-internet connections. A speedy and reliable home-internet connection is paramount — especially in a world of online gaming, movie streaming, and video conferencing. So, how can you score the speed you need? And how do you ensure its reliability? Cable internet can provide reliable, multi-Gig speed with consistency. But, with 5G internet emerging as a new option, there are plenty of questions, such as: what exactly is 5G home internet? How do 5G internet speeds stack up to cable? And most importantly: is it right for you? Allow us to help. See how Xfinity Internet compares to 5G Home internet. Check Xfinity availability in your area

What Is 5G Internet? 

5G is the latest generation of wireless technology for cellular networks. It is the fifth global wireless standard after 1G, hence the name “5G.” In addition to cellular service, 5G has also become  a buzzworthy option for home internet. Although, as a new service, there are questions about its speed and reliability. 

5G home internet is delivered via specific 5G cell towers, the availability of which may vary. 5G runs on shorter radio waves than previous generations, which makes it quick, but also makes its range shorter. Therefore, 5G home internet providers are attempting to increase the number of towers to provide decent service, although the service can have all the same issues associated with installing new cell towers and sites.  

Finally, 5G internet is transmitted wirelessly via radio waves from the tower to a specific gateway in your home, which turns the 5G cellular signal into WiFi in your home.  

How Fast Is 5G Internet? Advertised vs. Typical Speeds. 

5G home internet often boasts the ability to provide faster speeds, but the reality is that’s not always the case. Assuming that you have a great cellular signal, and all other conditions are met, and you are using the superior 5G home internet signal (which is even less deployed than the popular service now being advertised), you may be able to receive high speeds. But 5G home internet is only offered in limited areas, with their top speeds sometimes only available to very few customers – and again the top speeds vary significantly between the providers. If 5G internet is available in your area, your 5G internet reliability and speed will depend on several factors — such as how close you live to a 5G tower. Even if you are close to a tower, 5G internet can be affected by inconsistencies from inclement weather and obstructions like trees. It may also slow during peak hours, which may vary by location, and one 5G Internet provider will deprioritize your home internet in favor of their cellular service. 

So, it’s always best to ask what the provider’s typical speeds are and to ensure you understand whether your home can get those speeds consistently. Unlike with a wired connection, not only will your wireless signal be affected by outside issues, but it will also likely be far less consistent throughout the day.  NOW Internet is a low cost and reliable alternative to 5g Home Internet.

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How Does 5G Internet Speed Compare to Cable? 

A wired cable connection is reliable, secure, much more consistent and proven to be fast enough to meet the needs of gamers and streamers alike. For example, Xfinity has internet speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps that are between 6 and 36 times faster than 5G home Internet, and up to 6 Gigs if you’re in need of some serious bandwidth. 5G home internet is sold as a range of speeds all at the same price because they cannot yet control for quality. 5G home internet is capable of reaching speeds faster than 4G, however the product doesn’t always live up to the promise. Like we mentioned, even if you’re across the street from a 5G tower, your 5G internet speed and reliability may still fluctuate.  

What Internet Speed Is Right for You? 

So, you know you want fast and reliable internet service but you’re not sure which speed is right for you? Different types of internet usage require different internet speeds. If you’re gaming online or streaming your favorite shows and movies, you need fast and reliable internet.  

With Xfinity Internet, you can find reliable internet up to 6 Gigs, along with a variety of price and speed options to fit your needs. Whether it’s Gig speed for online gaming or supersonic WiFi for supercharging your home, Xfinity has something for everyone.  

Plus, as an Xfinity Internet customer enjoy your favorite apps all in one place on the Xumo Stream Box from Xfinity, as well as over 20 million secure WiFi hotspots nationwide from any device.  

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