Xfinity xFi vs 5G home internet

Connect 4x as many devices with Xfinity over 5G Home Internet

Here’s how xFi stacks up against 5G home internet.
Speed: Xfinity has the fastest internet

The largest Gig-speed network nationwide

5G Home Internet is up to 16x slower

Storms, mountains, cars — being inside — can slow down your speeds. They can never tell you what you’re getting.

Compares Xfinity Internet Gigabit Extra (1,200 Mbps) to advertised speeds of T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (72-245 Mbps). Actual speeds vary and not guaranteed. For factors affecting speed visit
Reliability: Xfinity has speed you can count on

99.9% network reliability

5G home internet plays favorites

Cell phones first, home internet second

Security: Advanced Security included with Xfinity

Protection from phishers, hackers, and attackers

5G home internet has a less secure connection

Might protect you, might not

Entertainment: Stream all your favorites with Xfinity

Add a Flex 4K streaming TV box and enjoy all your apps all in one place

Watch TV on their terms

Like to stream live TV? Maybe!

With Xfinity xFi, you don't need to choose

Get powerful WiFi at home and the most reliable 5G network on the go

Discover Xfinity Internet

Issues at home?

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Xfinity Internet required. Best price comparison based upon 2 Unlimited Intro lines and lowest price for unlimited 5G plans of top 3 carriers. Reduced speeds after 20 GB of usage/line. Taxes and fees extra. Data thresholds and actual savings may vary.