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Xfinity Customer Care Update from Tom Karinshak

tom karinshak


Our customers will always be the most important part of our business. As Executive Vice President of Customer Experience and Care Operations, I’ve made it my personal goal to make sure you’re not just happy about the service we’re providing – I want you to love it.

Your feedback drives us to keep innovating, building great products, and introducing new services to make your life easier. We appreciate all of your suggestions, and I’m very excited to share what we’ve been up to.

What’s Improved

Xfinity Gigabit
More time to enjoy life

Our super-fast Gig-speed Internet changes everything. Xfinity Gigabit Internet service is not just lightning fast; it delivers speeds up to 40 times faster than today’s basic broadband. When your Internet is faster than fast, you can stream, surf, and game like never before. We’ll continue to invest in our broadband network, too. We’ve increased speeds 17 times in 17 years.

What’s New

xFi Pods
For an even better connection

For homes with multiple bedrooms, basements, and other areas that may have trouble getting a signal, our new xFi Pods can help. They work with your xFi service to extend WiFi coverage throughout your home to provide a seamless WiFi experience and keep you connected. When you set up your xFi Pods, don’t forget — you can keep your WiFi secure and have some fun by creating your own WiFi name and password. Learn more about xFi Pods.

Appointment Waitlist
Because your time is our priority

If you need us to visit your home for any reason, we’ll work within your schedule to find the earliest time that suits you. For most appointments, you can use the Appointment Waitlist feature to be notified if earlier dates and times become available. We want you to be able to enjoy your services as soon as possible, and we’re focused on what’s most convenient for you.

Say it. See it. Use it to get help.
Our X1 Voice Remote helps us help you

Millions of customers love using the X1 Voice Remote. The X1 Voice Remote makes it easy to find your favorite movies and songs and also manage your account and device. Voice control has also become a game changer for people with disabilities. By using voice commands, people who may have challenges using a remote control, including children and seniors, have a better experience. Check out the recent article in Forbes about how the remote is helping customers like you.

Empowering our Employees
Tools to serve you better

We’re making changes and creating new tools for our employees so we give you what you need, quickly and easily, every time you interact with us. Our technicians are prepared for each appointment with your account history, so they know how to help when they arrive. Our agents have even more tools to find information fast and give you the help you need, so you can get back to what you were doing before you contacted us.

Tweet us @comcastcares
We’re always available 24/7

An easy way to get help fast is to tweet us @comcastcares. Our social media care team is available 365 days a year, 24/7 to help with all of your Xfinity and Comcast Business products and services. You can also use My Account for specific updates about your account.

I hope you truly enjoy all the improvements we’re making, and I encourage you to contact me and tell me what you like, what you love, and ways we can improve. Thanks for inviting us into your home.

Tom Karinshak
Executive Vice President, Customer Experience and Care Operations


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The Xfinity Customer Commitment

We're on a mission to respect our customers' time, simplify their experience, and make it right if we fall short. Because we should fit into their lives. Not the other way around.

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