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Keeping Our Clients up to Speed

Comcast has the nation’s largest gig-speed network, connecting our customers to the super-fast and reliable internet that millions of homes and businesses across the country need. We are committed to keeping our network as reliable as possible for our customers, and we are always identifying and investing in ways to do so.

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The Right Connectivity for You

We understand that to serve our customers best, we need to serve their specific needs. Whether we’re powering connectivity to multifamily properties through Xfinity Communities or businesses of all sizes with Comcast Business, we’ve developed the necessary tools to serve our clients as individuals. Every custom solution we help create is powered by the right tools designed to provide optimal connectivity, whether it’s fiber, WiFi, LoRaWAN, or more.

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Cybersecurity and Threat Detection

As technology continues to advance, we work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of malicious threats. With products like SecurityEdge and managed security services, we offer the tools to help keep our customers protected from the next generation of cyber threats.

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