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Smart Technologies

Every solution we recommend and help implement is designed to empower communities and businesses to operate at their best. Discover how our carefully curated suite of smart technologies can make a difference for you.


Smart Buildings

Tools that help you manage your properties more efficiently and identify ways to save money, with real-time insights from energy, air quality, and water monitoring.

  • Optimize energy and water for conservation with custom insights and actionable recommendations from an easy-to-use dashboard, with data to help reduce costs.
  • Identify problems in building systems with predictive maintenance before they can become costly surprise expenses.
  • Get an integrated and informative birds-eye view of energy and water usage across a full portfolio of properties.

Video Analytics

Maintain your expertise on your environment and inform business decisions with security cameras that securely leverage AI, smart technology, and analytics to understand video information.

  • Get the data that can help improve community safety with building monitoring, entry and perimeter detection, and occupancy data.
  • Easily find the footage you need with smart search technology.
  • Understand and improve human and vehicular traffic patterns with learnings from visual analytics.

Smart Mobility

Enjoy an end-to-end suite of parking solutions to manage entry and exit flow, optimize space, and improve driver experience.

  • Create an automated parking management solution with software, gates, kiosks, and automatic license plate reading technology (LPR) to enable reservation parking and real-time spot inventories.
  • Explore dynamic pricing with the potential to increase revenue opportunities.
  • Save on staffing costs, with automated systems, including entry and exit technology.

Digital Signage

Implement high-impact, stunning visual touchpoints with customized LCD displays and interactive digital kiosks.

  • Transform your environment and increase consumer engagement and excitement with vivid, eye-catching displays.
  • Convey and reinforce information and news about your own business with branded signage, custom messaging, and centralized management.
  • Leverage advertising sales opportunities to help generate incremental revenue.

Smart Lighting

Create a brighter and more sustainable community and build a foundation for expanding your smart technology ecosystem, with a connected smart lighting network.

  • Improve your community with well-lit areas, using high-efficiency LED lighting.
  • Provide your own private mesh wireless network for seamless smart technology integration.
  • Add even more value-building features to your lights with an impressive array of sensors that provide real-time information for actionable insights.

Smart Public Works

Get intuitive data insights for community services, that can help drive costs down and optimize operational efficiency.

  • Monitor waste bin fill levels to optimize collection routes.
  • Use data insights to optimize fleet routes that can help reduce truck fuel consumption and labor costs.
  • Know the location of valuable assets like vehicle fleets and specialized parts with smart tracking to help reduce theft.

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Ready to discover how smart technology solutions can help unlock your community or business’ potential? We’re ready to partner with you to deliver problem-solving perspectives and share technology expertise. You tell us your goals, and we’ll help you figure out how smart technology can get you there.

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