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Find the perfect spot for smart parking solutions, networked EV chargers, and curb management tools that help streamline your parking flow, build out your electric vehicle infrastructure, and optimize curb space.

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Create a reliable end-to-end driver experience

Leverage smart technology to create standout parking and reliable EV charging infrastructure that’s efficient and helps use your space to its fullest potential.

Optimized earnings

Explore dynamic pricing based on time of day, location, and customer type with the potential to increase revenue opportunities.

Scale smarter

Take advantage of parking systems that automatically govern entry and exit flows as well as a digital curb management platform to help you as you grow.

Transformative inventory data

Help support customers with real-time street inventory insights while capitalizing on the same data over time to develop the right rules and plans for each of your curbs.

Future focus

Keep your property current for today and tomorrow with electric vehicle charging infrastructure that can help you keep up with the demand for the future of transportation.

Increased flexibility

Customize the visitor experience with EV chargers that are open to the public or reserved for private groups with defined rules.

Solutions powered by a connectivity leader

All our solutions are powered by Comcast, provider of the nation’s largest gig-speed network, and are custom-configured for optimal reliability.

Create a seamless driver experience

Electric vehicle charging

  • Install private or public EV chargers including a charging platform management system (CPMS software) capable of delivering ROI

  • Remotely monitor charger status with AI-driven diagnostic tools

Automatic License Plate Reading (LPR)

  • Easily track and automate visitor entry and exits

  • Create automated loyalty programs for frequent visitors

Entry and exit management

  • Implement automated and touchless entrance and exit flows

  • Manage lot gateways remotely with centralized system

Reservation parking system

  • Establish a seamless booking system for both garage and curb parking

  • Leverage real-time spot inventories to ensure up-to-the-minute data


Monetize effectively with Smart Mobility solutions

Dynamic pricing system

  • Build out separate fee structures based on time of day, duration, and user type

  • Control prices remotely through centralized network management

Manage costs with smart technology

  • Leverage automated parking systems to help optimize staffing plans

  • Identify under-utilized spaces to inform changes in traffic patterns

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Multifamily Properties

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Start your smart technology journey with a trusted partner

Every solution we help design is centered around your goals. As your trusted partner, we use our industry knowledge, Comcast’s extensive resources, and deep portfolio of technology providers to find the right solutions for your unique needs, and we keep working with you after the installation to keep your smart technology relevant and cost effective over time.

Our Process

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Our knowledge is your knowledge. We combine our deep understanding of smart parking and EV charging technologies with the connectivity backing of Comcast and put it all at your disposal.


Our process relies on a deep understanding of your needs. When we understand your goals for your community or property, then we can help design the best solutions that bring value in the short and long term.


Our solutions are designed to fit in with your environment. We identify what makes your property unique and harness its strengths to better target our smart mobility solutions so they create an easier and more streamlined experience for all your visitors.

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