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Smart Buildings Solutions

Harness the power of cloud-connected technology with energy monitoring, water detection, and management solutions that help make the operational and human experience of your properties the best they can be.

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Manage your properties smarter with real‑time building usage insights

Lay a new foundation of smart building technology to get data that helps you better manage your properties, identify and increase efficiencies, and look ahead to the future.

Easier management and maintenance

Granular real-time data allows for better expertise on energy and water usage, helping your properties become easier to manage.

Increased efficiency expertise

Easy-install sensors can provide real-time data to inform ways of optimizing energy and water consumption and sustainability efforts, with or without a traditional building management system (BMS).

Better manage utility costs

With carefully designed solutions that monitor and manage energy and water levels, it’s easier than ever to identify and address consumption and usage.

Improved human experience

Residents, tenants, and visitors of properties that leverage smart building technology can benefit from environments designed to help accommodate their needs.

Peace of mind

Smart Buildings technology continuously monitors properties to help managers identify and mitigate anomalous activity and faulty equipment.

Solutions powered by a connectivity leader

All our solutions are powered by Comcast, provider of the nation’s largest gig-speed network, and are custom-configured for optimal reliability.

Better understand your environment with smart technology

Energy insights

  • Use heatmap technology to measure and verify energy reductions, tracking trends hour-by-hour and month-by-month

  • Get data to help manage emissions and energy efficiency

  • Leverage time-of-use optimization to help concentrate utility usage away from peak cost

Water monitoring

  • Detect leaks, track water use, and identify opportunities for conservation

  • Monitor total consumption or filter down to usage by fixture level

  • Flexible and scalable monitoring systems capable of integrating into unique environments


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Multifamily Properties

Multifamily Properties

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Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-Use Developments

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Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise Businesses

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Cities & Municipalities

Cities & Municipalities

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Start your smart technology journey with a trusted partner

Every solution we help design is centered around your goals. As your trusted partner, we use our industry knowledge, Comcast’s extensive resources, and deep portfolio of technology providers to find the right solutions for your unique needs, and we keep working with you after the installation to keep your smart technology relevant and cost effective over time.

Our Process

What We Deliver



Our knowledge is your knowledge. We combine our deep understanding of smart building technology with the connectivity backing of Comcast and put it all at your disposal.


Our process relies on a deep understanding of your needs. When we understand your goals for your business or property, then we can help design the best smart building solutions that bring value in the short and long term.


Our solutions are designed to fit in with your environment. The sensors are small, easy to install, and designed to tap into the unique data that makes your property special, no matter the size or shape.

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