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Deepen your sense of security and become an expert on your environment with AI and smart video analytics-powered technology that reveals actionable data in the environment around you.

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Increase environmental awareness with video analytics and AI

Leverage AI and video analytics-powered tools to generate data that helps you manage safety and security, better understand human and vehicular traffic patterns, and easily find the footage you need with smart search technology.

Increased security

AI-based data that can help manage safety and security with building monitoring, entry and perimeter detection, and occupancy information.

Better understanding of your consumers

Video analytics and AI systems can detect consumer patterns, allowing businesses to understand and anticipate their customers’ needs.

Monitor environments from anywhere

Watch live feeds, store archive footage, and search across all your locations on a single platform with central management and customizable access rights.

Manage IT costs

Scalable cloud technology that can help reduce or eliminate the need for physical hard drives and storage racks dedicated to video footage.

Peace of mind

Store all your footage in the cloud, with robust and redundant safety measures to help keep all your footage secure, protected, and private, including encryption and 24/7 monitoring.

Solutions powered by a connectivity leader

All our solutions are powered by Comcast, provider of the nation’s largest gig-speed network, and are custom-configured for optimal reliability.

Keep your footage secure, searchable, and relevant

Smart search technology

  • Find people, vehicles, or objects across all your recorded footage just by typing a description in a search engine-style experience

  • Narrow results by date, time, and location

  • Harness cloud AI-powered search

Visual analytics

  • Understand human patterns and behaviors in your environment

  • Identify anomalous incidents, including customer wait times and traffic flows

  • Gather data over time that helps you optimize your space usage

License plate recognition

  • Leverage AI-powered license plate recognition (LPR) to more easily facilitate parking automation

  • Track customer loyalty with recurring plate data

  • Get data that helps improve security by identifying specific vehicles

Context-sensitive alerts

  • Automatically learn when cameras are disabled with live reporting

  • Receive real-time notifications when secluded or restricted areas are breached

  • Learn when irregular traffic or behavioral patterns arise at any of your locations


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Start your smart technology journey with a trusted partner

Every solution we help design is centered around your goals. As your trusted partner, we use our industry knowledge, Comcast’s extensive resources, and deep portfolio of technology providers to find the right solutions for your unique needs, and we keep working with you after the installation to keep your smart technology relevant and cost effective over time.

Our Process

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Our knowledge is your knowledge. We combine our deep understanding of video analytics and AI-enhanced camera information with the connectivity backing of Comcast and put it all at your disposal.


Our process relies on a deep understanding of your needs. When we understand your goals for your business or community, then we can help design solutions that bring value in the short and long term.


Our solutions are designed to fit in with your environment. Whether you already have a camera system in place or you’re starting from scratch, we find the right technology to find you the right data to move your organization forward.

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