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How MDUs are Driving Incremental Revenue & Improved Resident Satisfaction with EV Charging Solutions

April 22, 2024

A 2022 consumer survey from AAA reveals that 25% of Americans are open to making an Electric Vehicle (EV) their next automobile purchase. Unsurprisingly, interest in EVs among younger Americans is particularly high—with more than 30% of millennials in the same survey expressing interest in owning an EV. Fortunately, federal, state, and local incentives have reduced the cost of purchasing an EV. Regulators also have interest in EVs, while consumer demand increases. Some cities, including Charlotte, NC, Columbus, OH, and Orlando, FL, are requiring 2-3% of available parking spaces be EV charging-ready after passing local EV-Ready ordinances.

Watch as Comcast’s Director of Smart Solutions, Jake Purcell, is joined by Oscar Rodriguez, Executive Chairman and CEO of NovaCHARGE as they discuss the benefits of Smart EV Charging and how Comcast Smart Solutions is driving incremental revenue for property managers while increasing resident satisfaction.

The growing interest in EVs is creating unique opportunities for owners and operators of Multifamily Properties, Campuses, and other facilities with shared parking. Working with a curated and vetted technology ecosystem that includes best-in-class industry providers, Comcast Smart Solutions (CSS) gets to know our clients’ needs through our detailed process, and is well poised to help evaluate, deploy, and manage their investments in EV charging infrastructure.

Working with CSS, building owners can operate Smart EV Charging solutions that help draw new resident interest, increase current resident satisfaction, and improve the property’s overall operating efficiency.


You can future proof your community by enabling the ability to readily add EV charging as you expand, and you can also maximize the net operating income with energy efficiency and flexible control of pricing and billing usage. And if you think about this, this system being self-managed, it enables your staff to be able to change business models, change pricing, change who can access what -- really on the fly.

Oscar Rodriguez
Executive Chairman and CEO

EV Charging Infrastructure at a Multifamily Property: Opportunities and Questions

As EV ownership levels continue to increase, the availability of EV charging infrastructure is a premium amenity that can help owners of Multifamily Properties attract and retain residents. The EV charging capability demonstrates a property’s green initiatives and can help prepare for future regulations. Smart EV Charging’s flexible pricing models can help provide a compelling return-on-investment. Property owners can create a dynamic pricing structure based on day, duration of use, and user type. This pricing model can help Multifamily Properties scale smarter and more easily expand Smart EV Charging as their properties grow.

In addition, adding broader Smart Mobility solutions give Multifamily Property owners and operators the opportunity to provide a more seamless resident and guest parking experience, with touchless entrances and exits and a reservation parking system with up-to-the-minute inventory. The combination of a new revenue source and enhanced resident satisfaction can help increase a Multifamily Property’s value while attracting and retaining residents.


For Multifamily Properties owners and operators, decisions on how to deploy Smart EV Charging infrastructure are complex. Some key questions and considerations include:

  • Is there adequate power availability in the building’s parking facilities?

  • Should I deploy common (shared) EV charging infrastructure or assigned (dedicated) infrastructure?

  • Is Level 1, Level 2 or DC Fast Charging the best fit for my building?

  • Should I consider partnering with an organization offering a “free to the host” EV charging solution?

  • How can I leverage available federal, state and local incentives for deploying EV charging on the property?

Comcast Smart Solutions and our technology providers can help Multifamily Property owners and operators navigate these questions while keeping their property focused on the future and upcoming mobility needs. Our objective is to help you assess whether Smart EV Charing is a good fit for your property. We do this by understanding your needs and designing a smart technology ecosystem that adheres to industry standards while supporting your current and future Smart EV Charging goals. From conception to implementation, Comcast Smart Solutions can help design and deploy the infrastructure to help you meet your EV charging goals.


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