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Xfinity Communities + Comcast Smart Solutions

Helping Multifamily Properties Reach New Heights with Smart Technology March 24, 2023

Xfinity's Commitment to Multifamily Communities

For decades, owners of multifamily properties have relied on Xfinity Communities to deliver connectivity and entertainment that their residents love. And as the needs of multifamily property owners, operators, and residents have continued to evolve, Xfinity Communities has remained committed to meeting and exceeding those expectations. The company is focused on customized solutions, tailored to give properties and residents the best possible experience. Properties get Xfinity's advanced network, with access to both Managed WiFi and WiFi Ready options for instant-on connectivity. Operators and residents enjoy fast and reliable internet delivered by the provider of the largest gig-speed network. Plus, with Xfinity X1, we deliver the ultimate entertainment experience to residents, with access to tons of content at home or on the go.

Perhaps most important though is the dedicated support team for multifamily property customers that is at the core of Xfinity Communities. Owners have responded to our customer-first culture by trusting Xfinity Communities to deliver an exceptional resident experience that can positively impact occupancy and rental rates.

Expanding to Smarter Solutions

Now, Xfinity Communities is partnering with a new business within Comcast – Comcast Smart Solutions (or “CSS”) – to help improve multifamily operators' ability to efficiently manage their properties and improve the resident experience. With a mission to empower communities to operate at their best, CSS offers a carefully curated suite of smart technology solutions. These solutions include energy and water management, smart mobility, and video analytics, and are all designed to help owners and operators identify efficiencies, manage costs, improve safety, and can create a positive impact on the living experience that can serve as a selling point and differentiator for potential residents.

Michael Slovin, the newly appointed Vice President and General Manager of Comcast Smart Solutions, is uniquely positioned to advise on how these teams will work together to enhance the Xfinity Communities value proposition for multifamily customers. After spending 13 years in leadership roles at Xfinity Communities overseeing sales, marketing, and operations, he is enthusiastic about incredible value of this partnership between his former and current teams.


I've built durable relationships with so many of our Xfinity Communities property owners and operators. I know their ambitions, but I also know their pain points. One theme I hear is the complexity of identifying and deploying the right smart technology solutions. The market is extremely fragmented, and figuring out where to start, who to work with, how to integrate technologies – all can be a barrier to entry. Comcast Smart Solutions was born out of a need to simplify that process – we identify the right technologies and technology providers, engineer and deploy the solutions, and power it all with Xfinity's advanced network connectivity. We can now be a single stop for a full-scale smart technology ecosystem, including ongoing support.

Michael Slovin Vice President and General Manager, Comcast Smart Solutions

Technologies Helping Multifamily Properties Get Smarter

Smart technologies can help multifamily properties become more efficient, sustainable, and more compelling living environments – and residents, owners and operators understand that value.


Comcast has been spending years behind the scenes identifying the right technologies and providers for the unique needs of multifamily properties, even before we officially launched this business.

Michael Slovin Vice President and General Manager, Comcast Smart Solutions

While Comcast Smart Solutions announced its formal launch in April 2022, a team began building the business behind the scenes and identifying the optimal technologies as far back as January 2020. The working team evaluated and tested a wide range of technologies for maximum value, compatibility with connectivity solutions, and seamless integration with Xfinity Communities offerings.

Based on this research, the Comcast Smart Solutions team has identified ideal technologies to help maximize output in the multifamily space, and are serving as a single stop to advise, engineer, deploy, train, and support the following suite of technologies:



Smart Buildings

Working with leading smart building technology providers Logical Buildings and Conservation Labs, CSS offers properties the technology and tools to help manage their buildings more efficiently and identify ways to manage money, with real-time insights from energy, air quality, and water monitoring.

  • Optimize energy and water for conservation with custom insights and actionable recommendations with sensors and an easy-to-use dashboard providing data to help manage costs.

  • Identify problems in building systems with predictive maintenance before they can become costly surprises.

  • Get an integrated and informative birds-eye view of energy and water usage across a full portfolio of properties.


Video Analytics

Working with Eagle Eye Networks, a cloud video leader that provides video analytics and AI, CSS offers the technology that can help properties maintain their expertise on the environment around them and inform business decisions, with cameras that leverage AI, smart technology, and analytics to understand video information.

  • Get the data that can help improve safety with building and property monitoring, including entry and perimeter detection.

  • Easily find the footage you need with smart search technology.

  • Understand and improve human and object traffic patterns with learnings from visual analytics.


Smart Mobility

Working with smart parking leaders NetPark and Umojo, CSS can provide and end-to-end suite of parking solutions to manage entry and exit flow, optimize space, and improve resident parking experience.

  • What properties need to create an automated parking management solution with software, gates, and kiosks.

  • License plate reading technology (LPR) to create a seamless and contactless entry and exit for residents and visitors.


Other Offerings

Comcast Smart Solutions also offers technologies in:


Beyond A Partnership: Supporting Today's Properties To Bolster Tomorrow's Smart Technology Ecosystem

CSS is committed to creating, deploying, and supporting a smart technology ecosystem that provides value, a commitment Slovin reiterated.


Just like Xfinity Communities, which has built close partnerships with the communities we serve, Comcast Smart Solutions also considers ourselves your partner throughout. It's part of the beauty of working with Comcast. We live in communities we serve so we're invested, and we value our long-tenured customer relationships. CSS reflects that – it allows us to further serve these communities in important and innovative ways.

Michael Slovin Vice President and General Manager, Comcast Smart Solutions

When you work with Comcast Smart Solutions, a team of experienced advisors will simplify all aspects of the selection, engineering, deployment, operation, and support of smart technologies and the connectivity to power them.






Knowledge Share

Our engagement starts with your goals. No matter what solution we're implementing, it is critical that we first understand your business, your property, and what you want to achieve. We will only start to help design the right solutions for you once we understand your technology needs.

Solution Design

Once we understand your unique technology needs, we help design the right solution(s) for those needs. Working closely with our technology providers, we make smart tech simple and create an optimized solution proposal for your specific goals.


A dedicated project manager creates a customized installation plan—including preparation, training, and deployment. We support you whether you're setting up the technology yourself or working with an installation team.

Post-Install Support

From installation onward, your Comcast Smart Solutions project manager acts as your single point of contact, partnering with you to keep your technology needs met.

Together, We're Focused on Helping Multifamily Properties Reach New Heights

Xfinity Communities has been your trusted partner for years. Thousands of multifamily owners and operators depend on Xfinity's advanced network for fast and reliable connectivity. With Xfinity X1, your residents enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with access to tons of content at home or on the go. We provide custom connectivity solutions, with instant-on options like WiFi Ready and Managed WiFi to deliver on your residents' expectations to have internet access available immediately upon move-in. We make it easy to deploy Xfinity services by offering property staff support and training, along with helpful resources and the Xfinity Communities Concierge management portal.

Comcast Smart Solutions brings the same commitment to you – reliable and innovative technology, customized for your unique needs, with customer-first support. CSS's suite of solutions gives owners and operators of multifamily properties the power to choose the technologies that fit their building and advance their goals. The curated smart technology solutions establish compelling amenities for residents and can reflect a multifamily property owner's commitment to operating communities that are smarter, greener, and safer. Taken together, the offerings of Xfinity Communities and Comcast Smart Solutions are helping multifamily communities reach new heights.