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It’s easier than ever to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from anywhere, on any device, anytime you want. With the latest developments in high speed Internet, television and cable programming, you can seamlessly enjoy quality programs on multiple devices or in different rooms. Tune in to your preferred programming while commuting to work, sitting outdoors or traveling out of state. You’ll immediately recognize the convenience of watching television and free movies on your own time.

Recent Advancements in Television Technology

The past several decades have brought about several advancements in television technology. Some of these developments include content variety in cable TV programming, high-definition digital TV, Blu-ray player functionality, high-speed wireless connections, “Internet television,” video streaming and 3D technology. Today, viewers can enjoy all of their favorite television channel content—as well as many newly released and classic movies— conveniently from anywhere.

Watch TV from a Mobile or Desktop Application (like the Xfinity Stream App)

Mobile and desktop apps, like the Xfinity Stream app, make it easier than ever to watch your favorite shows on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices if you have a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi). In fact, some cable service providers allow customers to access live television channels on their mobile devices using wireless 3G, 4G or LTE (or soon, even 5G) connections. Not only can you watch TV in the palm of your hand, you can also download top-rated movies with on demand services to watch offline at a later time. Viewers have been given everything they need to enjoy their favorite content on-the-go, no matter what channel or streaming service you prefer.

Once you have downloaded the necessary apps to your device, you can begin to enjoy your favorite television programming. The mobile or desktop app may require you to create a username and password, or you may be able to use the account information associated with your TV or Internet service provider. Smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and computers provide another screen for viewing television in the home or watching live TV while out of the house. There are thousands of places from which you can stream TV or watch movies online. Whether traveling to and from work on public transportation, relaxing at the beach, sitting by a campfire or enjoying a hotel stay, individuals have total control of how, when and where they watch TV. If you’ve recently moved into a new apartment or house, and have already set up your Internet connection, you can begin watching television programs on your smart devices before your actual TV set is even out of the box! You’ll never miss another show again. The possibilities are endless and the convenience factor is widely recognized by consumers and industry professionals.



Benefits of Watching Television on Your Own Schedule

There are numerous advantages to watching TV anywhere, anytime and from any device. You can use “primetime” hours for doing the things that you want instead of following your TV programming schedule. Certain cable providers even allow video subscribers to watch live channels on mobile devices. You can move from room to room in your house with your device in hand, or you can start a show in one room, and finish it on another device in another room. If you are watching TV on your mobile device and then you receive a phone call, you can continue your programming on a different device without further interruption. Whether you wish to stream new live content or enjoy the greatest hits, advanced technology and services allow you to transform everyday happenings into more exciting and entertaining experiences. With such flexibility, your whole family will be happy with the different viewing options available. In addition, your friends will be delighted to learn of their entertainment choices at your house or apartment. You’ll have fun watching programs on an array of devices, and the viewing process will become a fun and dynamic event. Once you’ve become less reliant on your TV set for entertainment, and have adapted to benefit from watching TV anywhere, you’ll have more time for the important things in your life.

The increased accessibility of video content on a number of devices can be viewed as one of the greatest developments in television. Audience members are now in control and can choose the screening time and location of their favorite shows and movies. Xfinity customers can explore online watching options with the Xfinity Stream mobile app and web portal.

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