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5 Questions You Must Ask When Considering 5G Home Internet vs Cable


In a time where remote work, online gaming, and watching TV on streaming services is the norm, reliable home internet is more essential than ever. Xfinity’s cable internet offers a powerful, secure connection with 99.9% reliability. But with increased chatter and buzz about 5G home internet, many are wondering if it’s an option that could meet their needs.

 We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions to get you started.

Is 5G a replacement for cable internet? Or will 5G replace cable internet?

Probably not. First, 5G internet is not available everywhere, and where it is available 5G home internet has considerable limitations and will not be the fastest or most reliable option. The most prominent provider has more sites but is even more greatly affected by service limitations. Newer providers just don’t have the scale to provide their service broadly. 

Where Is 5G Home Internet Available?

Although providers have been working to expand their 5G networks, the availability of different 5G technologies varies. Even where it is available, things such as weak signals, interference and network congestion can significantly affect the quality of service. 

How does 5G Home internet Work?

5G cellular towers and other sites beam 5G radio waves to a special home gateway that converts the radio waves to WiFi in your home. Because this connection is wireless from the tower to your home, it has reliability issues compared to a wired cable connection. NOW Internet is another low cost and reliable alternative.

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Is 5G faster than cable internet?

5G internet is capable of reaching higher wireless speeds than the wireless speed generations before it, but you’re not guaranteed the highest speeds and certainly not the higher speeds than you’d get with a reliable cable connection. This is because 5G internet leverages higher radio frequencies than 4G, so the wireless speeds can be faster but the range shorter. So, unlike wired cable, your distance from a 5G cellular tower is paramount to performance. If you live close to a 5G tower you’ll also need to consider whether there are buildings, trees, or other obstructions that could affect reliability and achievable internet speeds, not to mention peak-hour congestion, which may vary by location and be affected by cellular phone traffic as well. This is why 5G home Internet providers sell “ranges” of speeds at the same price. They have no way of ensuring you will get close to your desired speeds consistently. Learn more about whether 5G internet is faster than cable.

Is 5G Internet Good for Gaming?

It depends. Sure, there are cases where gamers have configured a setup using 5G home internet that works for them, typically in a strong signal area with few obstructions. But there’s also a decent chance your 5G home internet won’t be as fast or reliable as a wired cable setup for online gaming. And the latency associated with the most widely advertised 5G home Internet service can be 4 times slower than what you get with wired connections.

Xfinity’s xFi Advanced Gateway XB8 powers supersonic WiFi (WiFi 6e) for low latency and multi-Gig speeds. Customers can also pair their xFi Gateway with new and improved WiFi Boost Pods to help extend their WiFi network and eliminate dead spots for whole-home WiFi.  

In short, Xfinity offers speeds that are between 6 36 times faster than 5G home internet and lower latency, and Xfinity’s 99.9% reliability allows you to game and stream without frustrating dropped connections and interruptions. 

Unbeatable Internet

Not only does Xfinity provide unbeatable Internet, it offers speeds up to 1.2 Gbps, between 6 to 36 times faster than the most advertised 5G internet. The fastest speeds from Xfinity are available to almost all customers, as opposed to just customers within reach of a 5G tower. Because Xfinity uses a wired network, it is significantly more reliable than 5G home internet. 

Xfinity’s fast, reliable and secure Internet has something for everyone. Explore the best internet deals and speed options for you.