Learning to Navigate Your Computer
Getting started with your first computer
Computer hardware
Computer software
Computer networks
Connecting to the internet
World Wide Web
What can you do online?
Using search engines
Web search strategies
Website cookies
Simple steps for a healthy media diet
5 pasos para una dieta saludable de medios
What is the Internet of things?
Understanding the Cloud
Finding trustworthy websites
Accessing Benefits
Apps for Veterans
Becoming Job Ready
Finding Veteran Support Programs
Getting Veterans Connected
Networking for Veterans
Online Parenting and Family Resources for Veterans
Online Veteran Caregiver Resources
Remote Work for Veterans and Caregivers
Telehealth Services
Building New Skills
Census Help for Seniors
Getting Seniors Connected
Getting Things Done
Internet Basics
Computers are new and subject to inventory availability. All computers come with the hardware needed to use right out of the box so that you can enjoy the benefits of having the Internet at home.