XFINITY Home Features

Connected and protected

Protect your family and home and look after them from anywhere with an Internet connection using your smartphone, tablet or computer, with Xfinity Home.

Around-the-Clock Security

24/7 peace of mind from anywhere 

Set rules to get real-time notifications of activity in your home like when doors or windows are opened, or when motion is detected. Feel confident knowing you’re connected, and protected, with Xfinity Home.

Learn About Safety and Security

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Get peace of mind with professional monitoring with fast response time.

Battery and Cellular Back-up

Stay connected during power failures or interruptions with battery and cellular back-up included.

Real-time Alerts

Customize rules to get notifications of activity in your home from anywhere.
XH Smart Home

Smart Home Control

Stay connected to your home from anywhere

In addition to remotely arming and disarming your system with the Xfinity Home app, you can also look after and control your home from anywhere. With additional equipment, get live video monitoring so you can see that your kids got home safely, control your thermostat and turn on lights so you never come home to a dark house again, and much more.
XH Bundle Services

The Xfinity Integration

Access Xfinity Home from your TV

Don’t get up! With Xfinity X1 and the X1 Voice Remote, use voice commands like “Xfinity Home cameras” to view live video monitoring, and more – all from the comfort of your couch and only with Xfinity Home.
XH Video Monitoring Mobile

Video Monitoring

Be in the know, even when you're away

See what’s happening in and around your home in real time with live video monitoring, included in your monthly Xfinity Home service; you’ll just need to add a camera to your system. For an additional $9.95/mo. per camera*, rewind, review and share up to 10 days of footage in the cloud with 24/7 Video Recording.
*Taxes and fees extra. Pricing subject to change.

Video monitoring options

Choose between a one-time camera purchase to unlock live video monitoring or get 50% off a camera when you add 24/7 Video Recording to your package.

View Home Security Cameras
XH Live Video Equipment
Live Video

With a camera you can:

  • 24/7 live video monitoring
  • Access anytime, anywhere
XH Video Recording Equipment
Live Video + Recording

With camera & recording you can also:

  • Record, rewind and review up to ten days of footage
  • Easily identify activity with motion events
  • Download and share video clips
*Pricing per camera for video recording plan. Taxes and fees extra. Pricing subject to change.
XH Notifications

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Get real-time notifications


Did the kids get home from school safely? Did the dog-walker come? Set rules to get real-time alerts when certain events happen, like when doors or windows are opened, or motion is detected. Personalize your alerts based off your family’s schedules and preferences.
XH Features Automation Thermostats

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Keep your home comfy


Headed home from work? Adjust your thermostat remotely so your home is just the right temperature when you arrive. You can also set a daily schedule which can help you save energy.
XH Features Automation Lights

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Let there be light


Coming home late? Set rules to trigger lighting automatically when the front door is opened so you never have to enter a dark house again. Or, set a schedule so you can make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not.


Convenience and control at your fingertips

XH Features Mobile

Easy-to-use mobile app

XH Features Touchscreen

Touchscreen controller

XH Showcase X1


XH Switch

Switching and Moving

Switching and Moving

Switch and upgrade to even more protection

Switch to XFINITY


If you already have a home security system or move into a new home with one already installed, we can help. Our technicians could use and certify your existing equipment, and upgrade your system to the latest security and automation technology.

*Use of existing equipment subject to conditions and type. System takeover currently not available in MA.

XH Features Tab Moving

Switching and Moving

Switching and Moving

Helping you feel safer in your new home


Make your new home smarter, more efficient, and safer with Xfinity Home. We can keep you connected to what’s happening in and around your new home with live video and remote access to its smart features. Plus, 24/7 professional monitoring with a fast response time means that your family is always protected.

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