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We work with some of the most innovative smart home brands. That means the smart home devices you already use may be seamlessly integrated into the Xfinity Home platform and app, making your smart home even smarter and more secure.

XFINITY Notifications

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Get real-time notifications



Did the kids get home from school safely? Did the dog-walker come? Set rules to get real-time alerts when certain events happen, like when doors or windows are opened, or motion is detected. Personalize your alerts based on your family's schedules and preferences.

XFINITY Thermostats

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Keep your home comfy


Headed home from work? Adjust your thermostat remotely so your home is just the right temperature when you arrive. You can also set a daily schedule which can help you save energy.


Automation Rules

Automation Rules

Let there be light


Coming home late? Set rules to trigger lighting automatically when the front door is opened so you never have to enter a dark house again. Or, set a schedule so you can make it look like you're home, even when you're not.

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