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More ways to connect with friends and family

Enjoy a crystal-clear connection from your home or office with a digital home phone. Get unlimited nationwide calling and a variety of international calling plans. Plus call blocking tools to help you block unwanted spam calls.

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This is your phone, unlimited 

Advanced Features

Customize your home phone with international calling plans and enjoy unlimited calling nationwide. Plus manage your service from anywhere with the Xfinity Connect web portal. Just visit connect.xfinity.com



Hello, television

Voice + TV

Bundle home phone with TV to get enhanced calling features like Caller ID right on your TV. You can play, read, and manage your voicemail on your TV, smartphone, tablet, and laptop too.
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The world is just a call away

Calling Abroad

Talk all you want to nearly half the world with Voice Unlimited. Plus, save on your wireless plan when you call Canada, China, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Puerto Rico. Take calls even farther with add-on plans and great international calling rates with no monthly fees.
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We have just the plan for you

Keep in touch with friends and family around the world, across the country, or right next door — all with amazing call clarity so your conversations are loud and clear. 

Xfinity Voice Unlimited 

Enjoy unlimited calling to nearly half the world, readable voicemail, 3-way calling, and more. 

More ways to stay connected

Keep in touch with affordable local, long distance, and international plans. Plus add voicemail for $3.95/mo.


WiFi, meet home phone

Xfinity Voice is our digital phone service known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It takes your phone service online to give you amazing call clarity and advanced features, and requires an Internet connection. You can rent an Xfinity Gateway or you can purchase your own compatible modem and router.

Hear it to Believe it

Crystal clear calls. Around the world.

Talk as much as you want to nearly half the world with Voice Unlimited

Manage your service online with Xfinity Connect.
Stay protected from unwanted spam calls with our innovative call blocking technology. 

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*Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Limited to residential customers. Equipment, Installation, taxes, fees, including regulatory fees and other applicable charges extra and subject to change. Pricing subject to change. Carefree Minutes requires subscription to Xfinity Digital Voice Service at regular rates and applies to direct-dialed calls from home to locations included in the plan (except mobile numbers and operator services). Unused minutes do not roll over to the following month. Xfinity Digital Voice® Local with More® pricing applies to direct-dialed local calls from home to locations covered by plan. Please call Comcast for coverage areas. Additional charges may apply for calls beyond coverage area. Service (including 911/emergency services) may not function after an extended power outage. Universal caller ID requires subscription to Xfinity Digital TV and Internet Service. Unlimited calling on mobile devices requires download of the Xfinity Connect app. Standard data charges may apply. Check with your carrier. Price of renting a Wireless Gateway is in addition to the cost of your Internet package and is subject to change. 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee applies to one month’s recurring service charge and standard installation up to $500. Call for restrictions and complete details. Comcast © 2022. All rights reserved.