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4 Benefits of Integrating Your TV and Home Security System

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July 01, 2019

When you think of home security, your television probably doesn’t come to mind. However, your TV can be so much more than just the entertainment center of your home. When you combine Xfinity Home security with the Xfinity TV X1 system, you can use the X1 remote to control your smart lights and security cameras with just your voice... and that's just the beginning.

1. View your cameras on the big screen

Watching a live stream of your security camera on your phone is convenient, but the small screen can make it hard to see details. With an Xfinity Home camera, you can use the X1 remote to view your security cameras on multiple TVs in your home. The larger display will let you see details with clarity, like if a package has been delivered or if someone is at the door. You can also make set the cameras to display on the television with the X1 Voice Remote voice command "Xfinity Home Cameras".

Xfinity Home can do more than display your camera feed on the TV. If you're not sure you turned on the alarm, ask "Xfinity Home, is my alarm on?" Whether it is or isn’t, Xfinity Home will tell you. If the system isn't armed, all you have to say is, "Xfinity Home, arm."

2. Control specific aspects of your security

Xfinity Home Security has more than one "armed" state, and each is accessible through the X1 Remote's voice commands. If you have different security settings for your “Away,” “Night,” and “Stay” modes, specify which one you want to activate by adding it to the command. For example, "Xfinity Home, arm Away," will enable the "Away" mode of your security system, while "Xfinity Home, arm Stay" will activate the "Stay" mode.

You can disarm the security system the same way. Saying "Xfinity Home, disarm" will shut it off. You can also lock the door and check the lock status by saying things like, "Xfinity Home, lock the doors", or, "Xfinity Home, is the front door locked?"

3. Control every smart function in your home

The X1 Remote also works with other Xfinity partner brands, like Nest or Philips Hue. You can also set the temperature on your smart thermostat by saying, "Xfinity Home, set the temperature to 70 degrees", or whatever temperature you'd like.

With the X1 remote, simple commands like "make it warmer" or "Xfinity Home, I'm cold" will increase the temperature a few degrees. You can also control the lights in your home — you can even control the color if you have color-changing LEDs.

Creating a scene is easy. Set the lights to your preferred level of brightness, choose any other settings as part of the scene, then name it. Choose a command, like "Xfinity Home, start my movie scene" to dim the lights to that level and set the mood for catching up on your favorite flicks.

4. Keep your home and family safe

Controlling your home with the X1 Remote makes it easy to ensure the alarms are set, the doors are locked, and everyone is tucked in safe and sound — but what about the times when you aren't home? Xfinity Home security lets you check your cameras from anywhere on your smartphone. Tap into the live stream on the Xfinity Home app to make sure your kids got home from school — and to see if they are watching TV instead of doing homework.

Your television and remote can be an essential part of your home security. Xfinity Home lets you combine the functionality of your TV and X1 remote with your home security system to gain total control of your home with just your voice. Of course, you can still control everything via the Xfinity Home app on your phone when you're away, but the ability to lock the doors and turn off the lights without ever leaving the couch is the ultimate level of convenience.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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