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3 Tips for Making Sure Your Home Security System is Armed When it Should Be

Smart Home

April 05, 2019

It’s no surprise that one of the best ways to protect your home is to have a security system — as long as it’s on, of course. While many homeowners and renters have a security system available at their fingertips, they may forget (or neglect) to arm it, leaving their homes vulnerable. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your security system is ready when you need it.

1. Upgrade to a modern home security system you can manage remotely.

Picture this: you’re already on your way to work and you realize you didn’t turn on the alarm when you left. So, how can you arm a security system from afar? The newest smart security products can be managed from an app on your phone. With the app, you can watch footage from your security camera monitor, remotely lock and unlock smart locks, and arm and disarm the system from another location.

These systems combine sensors and remote cameras to allow you to check in from your smartphone and receive notifications when sensors are triggered. As a bonus, a modern security product can integrate with other smart WiFi devices, like smart lighting and thermostats, which can add to your system’s functionality.

2. Set up geofences with your smartphone.

Once you’ve installed a modern home security system, try setting up a “geofence” in its companion app. A geofence uses your phone’s GPS location to tell your security system when you’re close by. Are you running out the door in a hurry to get to work? Your phone can tell when you leave your driveway and send a signal to your system to arm itself. Coming home from the store with an armload of groceries? The same system can detect when you’ve arrived home, letting you skip entering a key code when you walk through the door.

Geofences can typically be set up for multiple family members, making them a great tool for arming your security system only when it’s needed.

3. Use customized “rules” to your advantage.

When your system is tied to your other smart home devices through a smart home hub, you can use “rules” to trigger actions based on certain circumstances. Getting ready for bed? Instead of remembering to shut off the lights, turn down the heat, and arm the alarm, you can have them all happen automatically.

Program the triggers based on certain criteria, be it the time of day or a certain action you take. Do the kids beat you home from school every day? Set a rule to unlock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and arm the alarm again once they’re safely inside. You’ll get a notification to your phone (and some peace of mind).

With today’s smart home security products, the risk of forgetting to set your alarm can be a thing of the past. Remote access, geofencing, and programmed rules can all help you ensure your system is armed when it should be. Get the most out of your system by making it a smart one. See how Xfinity Home can help.

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A total home security solution

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