Indoor/outdoor camera

By Xfinity

199 dollars and 95 cents

Indoor/outdoor camera

By Xfinity

199 dollars and 95 cents

Xfinity Internet & Xfinity Home customers: Keep tabs on what's happening in and outside your home at all times with live video.

  • HD Live Video

  • Night Vision

  • Weather Resistant

  • Professional Installation or Easy Self-Installation*


Color:  White

Power: DC 12v input

Size: 3.0in x 3.0in x 1.5in

Weight:  7.3 ounces

Compatibility: FCC, UL

*Taxes and fees extra. Pricing subject to change.

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Save 50% when you add 24/7 video recording

You’ll be able to see what you missed from anywhere for just $9.95/mo*. Plus, easily review activity with motion detection and timestamps included.
*Additional equipment purchase required. Service fee is per camera.
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Camera Features

Camera Features

See what’s happening, live

Live Video

Did the kids get home safely? Are the pets behaving? With live video monitoring, you can check in from anywhere in real time.

Camera Features

Camera Features

Rain or shine, you’ll see it all

Weather Resistant

We can’t predict the forecast, but we can help you keep an eye on the inside and outside of your home, in all types of weather.

Camera Features

Camera Features

No moonlight? No problem.

Night Vision

With infrared illumination, you can still see after the sun goes down — and get a good look, even on the darkest nights.
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"Show me my cameras"

With Xfinity X1, you can access your Xfinity cameras and view live video right from the comfort of your couch. Do that, and so much more, with your X1 Voice Remote.


Tips for seeing important activity

Whether you have one Xfinity Camera or several, placement is everything.

Install on the front porch to see who’s coming and going, and to check in when packages are being delivered.
Install on the outside of your home to keep an eye on things that matter, even at night with high-powered night vision.
Install in high-traffic areas, like any entryway, your living room, or hallway. And always know what’s happening in your home.