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Tablet Data Plans: Know Your Options


September 09, 2019

Perfect for watching movies on the go, sending that slightly longer email, or for a better online shopping experience, a tablet is a useful device. Adding a data plan to your tablet makes it that much more practical, giving it an edge over most computers, which still need WiFi to connect to the Internet.

Cellular tablets use the same networks as your cell phone, so choosing the right tablet plan is much like choosing one for your mobile device. Like a cell phone, some cellular tablets are locked to a specific network, so before shopping for a plan, make sure you know which one it will work with.

How much data you need (and pay for) depends on your lifestyle and how you use it. As you consider your options, think about:

  • How often your kids use it.
  • If you’ll have other devices added to your plan.
  • How often you’ll use it outside your home.

On Xfinity Mobile, tablet internet plans can be unlimited or by-the-gig, which allows users to share data. We’ll look at the different data plans available, so you can find one that works for you.

1. Unlimited data plans for tablets

If you use your tablet to stream movies, for example, you may find you use more data than you do on your phone. An unlimited plan is a good option here.

All the big carriers offer unlimited data plans for tablets, but they can cost up to $75 per month, plus line access fees. Your data will likely be throttled after about 15 GB, and many carriers also only stream movies in standard definition. Xfinity Mobile offers an unlimited data plan for $45 per month with no line access fees, 720p (HD) streaming and won’t reduce speeds until you’ve reached 20 Gb unless the network is congested such as during a concert or a sporting event, which is standard across carriers.

2. By-the-Gig data plans

If you don’t stream a lot of movies when you’re out and about but use your tablet for sending emails and surfing the web – or prefer to binge your favorite shows in the comfort of your home over WiFi – consider a pay-per-gigabyte data plan. Xfinity Mobile’s By the Gig plan allows customers to select a minimum amount of cellular data each month shared across all the lines on an account starting at 1GB for $15 — you’ll save over an unlimited plan if you don’t use a lot of cellular data every month or prefer to stream content over WiFi.

Xfinity customers with two tablets can mix and match unlimited and by-the-gig data plans based on each individual's data needs. This can be a cost-effective option in households where data usage varies from person to person.

Paying for data on your tablet doesn’t need to be expensive. Visit Xfinity Mobile to find a tablet and the best tablet data plan that suits your needs. You can also explore NOW Mobile a flexible, affordable, prepaid mobile service

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