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Best Phone Plans for College Students: Top Factors to Consider


September 09, 2019

When it comes to gadgets for college students, a cell phone probably tops the list. If you’re like many college students, cash may be tight, and paying a little less for your phone plan can be appealing.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to what is included in your plan — plenty of great phone plans for college students are available. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering your options.

How much data do I need?

The amount of data that you need is the biggest factor when it comes to price differences between cell phone plans. Unlimited data options are common on today’s cell phone plans, but typically cost more than limited data plans.

If you’re in college, unlimited data can come in handy. Not only will it allow you to look anything up on the go without having to worry about running into data caps, but you’ll also be able to stream your favorite movies and shows while avoiding the spotty college or dorm Internet connection.

Xfinity Mobile offers a few options for college students. Consider an unlimited data plan, which will run you $45 per month—far less than other carriers, who on average charge $60 or more on their unlimited plans.

Another option is Xfinity Mobile’s by-the-gig plan, which lets you select a minimum amount of cellular data each month shared across all lines on an account: $15/mo per gig. This is great for students whose data needs (and budget) may vary month to month.

How is your cell phone coverage?

You don’t want to be stuck with spotty service or no data connection, especially if you’re attending a school far from home. Different carriers offer different coverage, and you’ll want your plan to have the best phone service for college students. Before you choose, make sure you have service on your college campus and in your dorm room. After all, you don’t want to show up on your first day of class and realize your cell phone is in a carrier dead zone.

If it’s data coverage you’re worried about, look for a carrier that offers access to their network of WiFi hotspots. Xfinity Mobile customers automatically connect to millions of secure WiFi hotspots around the country, allowing you to save data (and money) when you’re on the go.

Do you need to think about data roaming?

College students might want to keep in mind some additional perks when choosing a phone plan for college students. For example, if you do a semester abroad, check out your roaming options. Some carriers don’t offer any roaming features, which would mean you’d have to pay to subscribe to a network in your destination country.

Xfinity Mobile offers excellent roaming options if you’re traveling out of the country. With international roaming in over 200 countries, you’ll be covered almost anywhere in the world.

Consider the cost

Ultimately, the biggest factor for college students to consider is price. Plan prices can vary widely depending on the carrier and type of plan you choose. Some carriers will also charge line access fees.

Xfinity Mobile’s pricing is simple and transparent. You pay $12/Gb or $45 for unlimited data — no hidden fees, line access charges, or surprise costs on your monthly bill. In addition, Xfinity Mobile is the first wireless carrier to allow one-click switching between Unlimited and By the Gig, along with the ability for customers to mix Unlimited and By the Gig on an account based on each family or group member’s individual needs. Good news if you’re still on mom and dad’s plan or on a tight budget.

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