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The World of eSports With Help From Xfinity


We know how important fast and reliable Internet is for gamers. Without a strong connection, it’s impossible for today’s eSports champions to go thumb-to-thumb on the virtual field. Whether you're defending the ancients, pulling together a Zergling Rush, or just watching a concert in Fortnite with your friends, our speeds are here to support you.

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US News ranked Xfinity as the Best Overall Internet service for gaming in 2021, and it is a title we live up to by making sure you have the ideal online setup for your gaming needs.

What kind of speed do gamers need?

The recommended download speed for online gaming today is 300 Mbps (or "megabits per second"), which allows you to play online while other devices are connected to your home WiFi. Keep in mind––as gaming technology advances, the recommended download speeds for the best gaming experience may increase.

With our Gigabit Internet, which provides a whopping 1200 Mbps of speed—(four times faster than today’s recommendation), we can guarantee a smooth online multiplayer experience. To take it up another level, Xfinity Gigabit Pro Internet provides 2000 Mbps of speed to support the professional gamer in a device-heavy household. When combined with the control and security features of our latest Xfinity Gateway, gamers can worry less about lag and more about their high score.

Building a better field for eSports

In 2019, the League of Legends World Championship broke eSports viewership records with over 100 million viewers. As a comparison, the 2019 Super Bowl drew 100.7 million viewers. ESports are a booming industry, and Xfinity is here to provide key support by powering gaming with the fastest Internet.

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We are proud to partner with Team Xfinity, a diverse group of gamers and content creators who rely on Xfinity Internet for all their work. Team Xfinity member Bugha won the Fortnite World Cup Solo Final in 2019 and plays Fortnite professionally as a member of the Sentinels. Elspeth is a voice actor, composer, and gamer who has appeared in League of Legends, Timespinner, and NecroDancer. IAmBrandon is a Twitch streamer and an unapologetic queer Black advocate for marginalized people on Twitch. With Team Xfinity, we are helping these creators build even more powerful connections between streamers and their viewers.

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ESports is an industry built on revolutionary advances in technology. Whether you need a fast Internet connection to slug it out in Street Fighter V or a seat in the arena to cheer on your favorite professional gamers, Xfinity is here to support your gaming journey.

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