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The world of gaming has expanded more than ever in the past year, and reliable Internet has never played a more important role in connecting gamers to the games they love and the community, friends, and family they game with.

In 2021, Xfinity is excited to expand its partnerships with streamers, content creators, and gamers who rely on Xfinity Internet to power all their gaming and streaming needs, and to connect with their audiences across the world. Xfinity is proud to introduce Team Xfinity, our new and impressive line-up of streamers, gamers, and more, featuring Bugha, BasicallyIDoWrk, JoshOG, Elspeth, TheMavShow, Ekuegan, and IAmBrandon. 

From Bugha, who is the defending 2019 Fortnite World Cup champion to BasicallyIDoWrk, a variety streamer who reels in viewers with his big personality and over-the-top humor, this group of streamers and gamers need fast, reliable Internet to keep their streams running day in and day out— and Xfinity is proud to partner with each of them to provide that powerful connection.







The audiences of these streamers can look forward to special content, sponsored streams and many surprises ahead. Xfinity will have regular sponsored streams that offer special content for their fans— helping build even more powerful connections between the streamers and their viewers. Additionally, Team Xfinity will be brought together for exciting content opportunities for their viewers, while also helping to support Xfinity’s extensive product offerings and brand moments through social media, digital, and OLV advertising. Xfinity customers can look forward to tons of streaming fun coming soon from Team Xfinity!

Ready to learn more and explore all things Team Xfinity? Simply say ‘Team Xfinity’ into your Xfinity Voice Remote to start exploring!

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