Parental Controls

You Can’t Watch Them Every Second

Not every show is appropriate for every age group. Since you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, Parental Controls give you the power to decide what content is appropriate for your children, and easily control what they watch — even when you’re not around.

   Activated by a PIN number, you can set Parental Controls on your TV and/or cable set-top box to control the programs that can be viewed on your TV. There are three ways to block programs:

  • By Channel
  • By Rating
  • By Time Period (Not available in all areas.)

Every TV Can Use Parental Controls. Even Yours.

For Comcast Digital Cable subscribers, setting up parental controls on digital set-top boxes is easy. In fact, you can even control access to On Demand programs and Pay-Per-View content. Find out more

DVR subscribers can use these same controls to block viewing of programs recorded using your built-in DVR from Comcast. Find out more

It’s a good bet that if you bought your TV in 2000 or later, it’s got a V-chip. The V-chip enables you to block by ratings that are age and content based.

Even if you don’t have a V-chip or a set-top box, we can still help block unwanted programming. Get info on the types of Parental Control features available as part of your cable service. Click the links to the right or call 1-866-781-1888.

For the Internet

Constant Guard™ from XFINITY offers Norton™ Security Suite which provides powerful parental controls to help filter out inappropriate content and monitor Internet activity to help keep children safe. These controls can log where children surf, monitor chat sessions and provide age-based web access in addition to filtering offensive content. Learn more

Parental Controls for XFINITY TV online

You can also set up parental controls for the content your family is viewing online through It’s easy to set restrictions for TV shows and movies by logging in to My Account.


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