TV is universal.
Access should be as well.

XFINITY X1 has accessibility features built right in. We’re bringing customers innovations like the industry’s first talking guide, Audio Description, accessible mobile apps and the new voice remote. All designed to bring the magic of entertainment to everyone.

Talking guide + Audio Description

Let your TV guide the way

X1 includes the first talking guide, a voice guidance feature that gives customers with visual disabilities the freedom to independently explore thousands of TV shows and movies. The talking guide "speaks" what's on the screen and includes details such as program descriptions to help customers decide what to watch. Plus, with Audio Description customers can hear audio narration of key visual elements in the programs they're watching.

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Voice remote

Say it. See it.

The voice remote provides a new level of independence to customers who have limited mobility or dexterity, or have a visual disability. By using simple voice commands, customers can change channels, search for shows, enable closed captioning and more. The voice remote also includes a backlit keypad making it easier to see the buttons in the dark.

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ASL Agent

Closed Captions

Sign Language and bluetooth audio

Our video platforms include enhanced closed captioning controls built right in for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Customers can customize their captions for greater readability. And customers can now connect directly via video with American Sign Language agents. Hard of hearing customers can also connect Bluetooth speakers and hearing aid streamers
Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities

Help and support

Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities

XFINITY customers who rely on key services – including closed captioning, Audio Description and Voice Guidance– now have access to a specially trained support team. Customers can reach the center between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM (Eastern Time), seven days a week.

Our commitment

We are constantly developing new technologies to enhance the experience for everyone.

XFINITY Customer Commitment