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We connect all people to more of what they love. Because a disability isn’t the lack of ability. It’s the lack of a solution.

The latest

Redefining easy: the Xfinity Large Button Voice Remote

Press-and-release voice control. Big, backlit buttons with haptic feedback. An easy-to-open battery door that stays attached. And a dedicated Accessibility shortcut key. Designed with people with disabilities in mind, the Xfinity Large Button Voice Remote is unlike anything available on the market today. See how it combines ultimate functionality with elegant design to offer something everyone can love.
Discover your Xfinity Large Button Voice Remote

A better experience for customers who are blind or have low vision

Let our guide do the talking
Let voice guidance announce on-screen text and options on X1, Flex and the Xfinity Home touchscreen.
Hear the action with audio description
Bring entertainment to life for blind audiences with audio narration. Say “shows with description” to explore and “description” to turn it on or off.
Bill and channel lineup in braille or large print
Ask Xfinity Assistant how to get your braille or large-print versions at no cost.

Personalized solutions for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Customize your text size and color combinations on X1 and Flex
Just say “captions” or press B to turn captions on or off.
Bluetooth compatible
Connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or hearing aid streamer right to our latest TV Boxes to manage your personal volume.
Hearing-aid and RTT capable
All Xfinity Mobile phones are hearing-aid compatible and real-time text (RTT) capable, so it’s easier to text like you talk.

American Sign Language Support Center

Learn more about the ASL support center, powered by CSD Connect Direct.

Innovation for customers with physical disabilities

Control buttons and voice commands with eye tracking devices and the Xfinity Adaptive Remote web app. Navigate with a sip and puff switch, voice control computer software, or keyboard. Even create custom buttons.

Accessibility on the go

Two smart phones showing the Xfinity Stream app and the Xfinity app.

Groundbreaking voice control

An Xfinity voice remote, say "Accessibility".

Comcast’s commitment

Accessibility Support Center

Xfinity Assistant

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