Your information, your privacy, your choices

Here, you can choose the privacy and communications settings that are right for you. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act requires companies to include certain disclosures including “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” links on their websites and mobile applications. California residents can learn more about our privacy practices and read about their rights in our California Privacy Policy.

Customer choices

When you subscribe to our Services, information linked to your account may be used or shared to conduct audience measurement, perform analytics, or deliver personalized advertising. You can opt out of all the activities described here through a single click or manage them individually by signing in to your account.



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Sensitive personal information preferences

We do not sell information that identifies who you are to anyone, including sensitive personal information like race, ethnicity, political affiliation, or philosophical beliefs. Sensitive personal information collected, used, or stored by Comcast is used to support activities like personalized recommendations, marketing and advertising, and security and fraud monitoring. Customers may choose to limit use of this information for marketing, advertising, and new product development at any time.



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Cookie preferences

Like many companies, we use cookies and other common tracking technologies (Cookies) to improve our Services, optimize and analyze your experience on our Services, and serve ads relevant to your interests. You may choose which Cookies to allow and can change your preferences at any time. 

Control which Cookies are stored by our websites in your browser and set preferences for how advertisers customize the ads you see on this device.




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Device and App Settings

There may be additional privacy preferences available to you on your Xfinity equipment and products.



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Communications from Xfinity

Tell us how you’d like us to communicate with you, e.g., phone, email, etc.


Set preferences


Decide what Xfinity marketing offers you’d like to receive via email and/or text message.


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Download, delete, or correct your information

Certain states give their residents a legal right to download, delete, or correct their personal information, but all Xfinity customers can make a request.



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Learn more about data brokers

We may obtain information about you from other companies, sometimes called “data brokers.” Although you can opt out of our use or sharing of your information, changes to your settings do not apply to these other companies. 

You can review a list of the companies that may provide us with this information. To learn more about these companies’ use or sharing of your information and your choices, visit their websites. You can also read about data brokers on California's or Vermont's data broker registries anytime.


Simple things you can do to protect your information

Strengthen your passwords

Check the strength of your passwords, store passwords safely, and employ best practices to keep your accounts secure.

Enable two-step verification

Use two-step verification to add an extra line of defense against potential threats to your online accounts.