We put you in control of your personal information

We make it easy for you to review and update your account information, manage your privacy settings, and decide how we communicate with you.

Manage and control your account information

Contact information

Manage the email addresses and phone numbers linked to your account.

Subscriptions & plans

Review the services you subscribe to, and update your preferences.

Billing & payment

View and manage your billing settings, notifications, and payment details.

Authorized users

See who is authorized to use your account, and what they can access.

WiFi hotspot devices

Review and manage your devices that can connect to any Xfinity WiFi hotspot.

Monthly data usage

See how much data you're using and check your monthly limit.

Xfinity cameras

Review, rewind, download, or share footage from your home security camera captured this week.

xFi connected devices

Manage the devices and people connected to your home network.

X1 recommendations

Manage X1 settings, like parental controls and personalized recommendations, with your voice remote.

Xfinity connect

Manage and download your Xfinity Voice call history.

XClass TV

Manage your XClass TV preferences including payment information, personalized advertising, and more.

Privacy settings

You have choices about how we communicate with you and how we use and share your information. Many of the features of our services that require personal information are completely optional.


Manage your privacy and communications settings

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