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January 03, 2022

Streaming in January: Supernatural Academy, new Righteous Gemstones, The Peacemaker, Ice Age’s Buck Wild and more

What to Stream on Xfinity

What to stream this month with Xfinity

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You might be tired from your New Year’s blowout bash, but Xfinity never sleeps. It's a brand new year with brand new streaming hits, so kick back with your favorite comfy blanket and check out the hottest streaming picks for January.

What to stream on Peacock

What to Stream on Peacock in January

High school is hard, but you know what's harder? Learning that you have a secret twin who's a werewolf, learning that you're also a werewolf, and then learning that you have to transfer to a school for magical creatures where at least one of the teachers is trying to kill you. Sound stressful? That's all part of being a teenager. Based on a series of young adult novels, Supernatural Academy hits Peacock January 20.

Say “Supernatural Academy” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

What to stream on Netflix

What to Stream on Netflix in January

Jenny is an ordinary single mom who just wants to make sure her daughter has a packed lunch and gets to school on time. She's also a genetically-enhanced KGB superspy, but she stopped taking assassination requests once she dedicated herself to motherhood. However, after a string of murders linked to her former life, Jenny will be forced back into action to find the mysterious killer. Premiering January 28, In From the Cold is a thriller series that action fans won't want to miss.

Say “In From the Cold” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

Premiering January 28 is The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. The title alone should let viewers know that this murder mystery is a little more tongue-in-cheek than fans of the genre are used to. Produced by Will Ferrell and starring Kristen Bell, the series parodies thrillers like Gone Girl and The Woman In The Window, with Bell lurking in a dark and empty house searching for clues to a murder that might not even have happened. Is she losing touch with reality, or does she just need to lay off the wine?

Say “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

What to stream on Hulu

What to Stream on Hulu in January

Excitement is high for the January 18 premiere How I Met Your Father, the long-awaited spinoff from the smash hit How I Met Your Mother. Starring Hilary Duff, this new series takes place far in the future as Sophie tells her kids a long and winding story about--what else?--how she met their father. Not much is known yet, but if the previous series was any indication, this reboot will be full of laughs and heart.

Say “How I Met Your Father” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

What to stream on HBO Max

What to Stream on HBO Max in January

The first season of The Righteous Gemstones was sold on the talents of comedy legends John Goodman and Danny McBride, but viewers were also treated to an extended cast of scene-stealing newcomers like Edi Patterson and Tim Baltz. Season two adds more faces to the fold with the introduction of a west coast megachurch run by Eric Andre and a muckraking journalist played by Jason Schwartzman. Longtime viewers will rejoice at the upcoming season, and those new to the flock still have time to catch up before brand new episodes premiere starting January 9.

Say “The Righteous Gemstones” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

Fans of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad movie will remember Peacemaker, the musclebound fool and antihero wrapped in a flag and played by John Cena. Armed with two tons of muscle and a half pound of brains, the Peacemaker is finally out of prison working as a hitman for a secret branch of the US government. He may be an old hand at blowing up terrorists, but he's not used to having free time. Maybe he'll take up pottery, or reconnect with his distant father, or maybe he'll throw a missile warhead barehanded at a group of henchmen. Balancing a knife’s edge of comedy and drama with every episode written by The Suicide Squad and Guardians Of The Galaxy scribe James Gunn, The Peacemaker premieres January 13.

Say “The Peacemaker” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

What to stream on Amazon Prime Video

What to Stream on Amazon Prime Video in January

Navigating life in your twenties is tough, but it's even worse when the world doesn't try to understand you. Premiering January 21, As We See It follows three roommates on the autism spectrum who live in an assisted living facility. Played by three actors who are on the autism spectrum themselves, As We See It whips between the highs and lows of learning who you are, with laughs and sobs in equal measure.

Say “As We See It” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

J.R. Moehringer grew up listening to his father on the radio, but never got to meet him in person. Seeking respite from his chaotic home life, he found refuge in the local bar run by his uncle, where he learned about life from a crew of loveable barflies. Based on the landmark memoir and directed by George Clooney, this film adaptation of The Tender Bar will be an inspirational start to the year when it comes to Prime Video on January 7.

Say “The Tender Bar” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

What to stream on Disney+

What to Stream on Disney+ in January

Premiering January 28, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild follows two knuckleheaded possums who fall through a hole to the center of the Earth, where they must rely on the dinosaur-fighting skills of the one and only Buck Wild. Will these possums ever reach the surface again? Is this the adventure that finally breaks Buck Wild? And is it possum or opossum? All this and more will be answered when this movie hits Disney+.

Say “The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to watch.

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