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The Best ‘Bluey’ One-Liners Parents Repeat at Home in Real Life!


Finally, U.S.-based Bluey fans can get their hands on the third season of the hit animated series. The new episodes are now streaming on Disney+! Just say “Bluey” into your voice remote to start enjoying the the show. which coincides perfectly with “Kids & Family Week” as part of our broader Xfinity’ Summer of Free promotion.

If you aren’t already well-acquainted with the series, it follows the adventures of the Heeler family, consisting of sisters Bluey and Bingo along with their parents Bandit and Chilli. They may be cartoon dogs, but they get us right in the feels with each episode. In fact, we relate to the Heelers so much that a lot of their lines end up in our day-to-day conversations at home.

It’s true—the Heelers have some fantastic one-liners. In fact, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorites. But don’t blame us if you find yourself slipping them into your vernacular as well.

“I slipped on ma’ beans!”

Episode: “Grannies”

Bluey and Bingo love to pretend they are grannies named Janet and Rita. When the bean-stealing Rita (Bingo) lands on her bum after dropping cans of the stuff, she screams this very quote. It’s so silly that you can use it whenever you’re feeling clumsy or want to elicit a laugh from the kids.

“Magic claw has no children. His days are free and easy.”

Episode: “The Claw”

Every parent tries to dissuade their kid from the allure of the claw machine. In this episode, dad Bandit tries his hand at being a real life version of the machine to prove to Bluey and Bingo the whole thing is rigged. Use this line whenever you’re thinking back to your freewheelin’ days before kids.

“Pomeranians are a small but hardy breed.”

Episode: “Seesaw”

When pomeranian Pom-Pom feels left out of the mix at the park for being so small, she learns that her size is actually her strength. We love this line whenever we need to give our kids (or, let’s face it, ourselves) a pep talk.

“If your friend wants chippies, she's gotta pay for chippies."

Episode: “Sleepover”

When cousin Muffin is meant to spend the night, she’s a bit of a trainwreck after skipping her afternoon nap. As Bluey and Bingo try to reel her in so they can stay up late, Chilli utters this line when Muffin, in all her exhaustion, “steals” from the pretend fish and chips shop. A reminder to the kiddos, nothing in life is free. Not even when playing pretend.

"This is what happens when you're unhappy with what you've got, someone's husband eventually gets it!"

Episode: “Hammerbarn”

As the family attempts to shop at their version of a giant hardware store (think Home Depot), Bluey and Bingo can’t stop arguing over the items in the cart. These include their pretend “husbands” (garden gnomes) Gerald and Hecuba. Unfortunately, Gerald ends up going over the side of the cart, smashed to pieces. Use this one when the kids can’t stop asking for more. Another great line from this episode is simply, “We’re going to Hammerbarn.”

“Dear child, embrace your father!”

Episode: “Keepy Uppy”

Bluey and Bingo ask Bandit to up the ante during a heated game of Keepy Uppy (keeping a single balloon from touching the ground). In his own playful way, Bandit makes the challenge a little too difficult, saying this line when he’s asking for a hug so Bluey struggles to reach that precious balloon before it drops. We like to use this one whenever our kids are trying to avoid us.

“Now fly, Chunky!”

Episode: “Movies”

This episode explores the utter chaos that can occur when taking two little ones on what should be a simple trip to the movies. The movie Bluey and Bingo are supposed to be watching is classic kid fare, with songs and a moral to the story. In it, Chunky Chimp is being discouraged to be himself, until one wise old character tells him to fly. This one-off can be used when you want your kid to spread their own wings…or simply get off the couch and get outside.

“It’s called a tactical wee.”

Episode: “Fruitbat”

Going through the motions of bedtime, we spot Bingo on the toilet (or in the “dunny” for Bluey die-hards). It’s a quick moment but she mentions she doesn’t really have to go, but is willing to try before sleep. Therefore, it’s called tactical wee. Ideal when your kid doesn’t want to go before bed or getting in the car.

“Leave them alone! They’re just trying to run a small business!”

Episode: “Stumpfest”

The menfolk of Bluey are busying themselves ripping up stumps in the Heeler family’s yard when the kids take over one such stump to play pretend salon. While Bandit tries to move them along from the stump, Chilli (who may or may not be a little tipsy) yells this to him, before remembering she wanted the stump removed in the first place. Use this one when your partner should just allow the kids to keep playing whatever they have going.

“Remember I am always here for you, even if you can't see me, because I love you.”

Episode: “Sleepytime”

Bingo wants to have a big girl sleep (sleeping by herself without the comfort of mom) but finds herself tossing, turning, and even sleep walking through the episode. Chilli shares these sweet words, which are just the best for any kid who struggles at nighttime.

If you’re looking for more kids programming, be sure to say “Summer of Free” into your voice remote. This week, we’re celebrating Kids and Family programming and offering our customers free access to many other family friendly choices from networks such as Nickelodeon, PlayKids, WildBrain, DaVinci, and more.


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