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How to Use Cameras to Keep Track of Your Kids

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February 17, 2020

All parents could use a little help when keeping a watchful eye on their kids. As houses get bigger and lifestyles get busier, it can become difficult to stay connected with the ones we love most. Technology has advanced dramatically over the past two decades, and the latest smart home features can help solve this problem. As every aspect of our home’s infrastructure become smarter, parents and guardians have more tools than ever before to protect, encourage, and monitor their children.

One of the most impactful tools in a modern smart home toolkit is the WiFi smart camera. While smart cameras are often purchased for their monitoring capabilities, there are many ways the right camera system can help care for the kids and teens in your home. Consider these three things as you set out to use cameras to help track your kids.

1. The type of camera to look for

The first thing to consider is the type of camera to use. While many families have older home security cameras installed, the video resolution and functionality of these older-style cameras leave a lot to be desired. For that reason, it’s wise to purchase a few recent-model WiFi smart cameras that contain a variety of updated features and can sit discreetly in the corner of a room.

If you already have a security system or smart home hub like Xfinity Home, purchase a product that’s tightly integrated with that system so you can maximize its usefulness. Video recording is great, but the real fun comes when you combine your smart cameras with the other smart devices you own for advanced functionality throughout your house.

2. The best locations for a watchful eye

Once you’ve narrowed down your camera choices, the next step is to figure out where they’ll be the most impactful to keep a watchful eye on your family. If you’re looking to build a toddler monitoring system, consider placing a camera on a centralized shelf in their room where you can see the door and their bed. You can also put a camera in the corner of the playroom, entertainment room, and near the front door (if you don’t already have that spot covered by your existing home security system).

As you consider cameras to help monitor your kids, keep privacy in mind. Older kids probably don’t need (or want) a camera keeping an eye on them in their rooms at all times, and be sure the cameras you put in place don’t accidentally capture private areas like bathrooms or closets.

One more tip: if you’re installing a camera in an area where a baby or smaller child spends their time, they may be put off by a lens or blinking light in the corner of the room. A quick search online can point you to several retailers that sell stuffed animals or other products that can keep your cameras looking happy and non-threatening.

3. Fun automations that help make parenting easier

Once your house monitors are plugged in and connected to the rest of your smart home, there are some fantastic automations that can help any parent or guardian. For instance, if you have a toddler who is an early riser, program the camera in their room to turn on the lamp in their reading nook the moment it detects significant motion in the morning. If a camera detects crying at a certain sound level, a smart plug can turn on a musical mobile to help your baby soothe themselves back to sleep. Even simple features like motion-activated recording can be a huge help the next time you need to solve a sibling dispute.

Smart cameras are a great piece of technology that can benefit all types of families. The next time you’re making upgrades to your home, consider adding cameras throughout to help you keep better track of your kids. Xfinity Home has a smart home option that works for your lifestyle.

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