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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Home Security System for Your Family Type

Smart Home

September 19, 2019

Many people choose smart security systems to help protect property, family, and their sense of safety, but the type of security system may differ based on lifestyle and residents of the house. By thinking through your specific needs, you can customize just the right smart security system for your living space.

These four profiles of family types outline examples of what to look for when buying a home security system. Although a category may not perfectly describe your situation, it can help you consider the questions to ask and the types of equipment you’d like to have on hand. Your professional security system installer should also be able to make suggestions based on your lifestyle.

Single adults

Living alone brings plenty of perks, but it can also mean heightened concerns for safety. Whether you own your home or have permission from your landlord for minor installments, keep in mind that majority of equipment doesn’t require wall mounting to protect the security deposit. Consider these security devices:

  • Motion-sensing security lights or cameras inside or outside your front door to keep an eye on packages or unexpected visits from contractors or landlord
  • Window sensors, especially for lower-level apartment living, to receive alerts if a window is left open
  • Smart doorbell to see who is ringing without having to approach the door or enter a shared hallway

First-time homeowners

Owning your first home is an exciting milestone in life. Of course, you want to protect your investment and all the people who live there. These tips for a first-time homeowner assume a smaller home on modest property and minimal experience with home repairs and home care:

  • Water sensors in the basement and near appliances like water heaters and tanks, washing machines, and dishwashers to alert to leaks or broken pipes
  • Smart thermostats that can learn your family's schedule and keep costs low by only heating and cooling as needed
  • Smart lights that are scheduled to turn on automatically when a family member returns home or if someone nears your home's exterior

New parents

Having a new baby is a life-changing experience. Becoming a parent means that you have an entirely new set of worries that weren’t there before. Consider these suggestions for a family security system:

  • Window and door sensors to alert you to intruders or if a toddler or teen is sneaking out
  • Air quality sensors to alert you to any health concerns
  • A smart doorbell that can send texts rather than loud chimes if someone rings it during nap time
  • Security cameras to monitor the safety of kids who are home alone.
  • Smart locks so older kids can let themselves in the house without worrying about keys
  • Devices that offer the ability to filter out motion from pets and kids

Empty nesters

This is an emotional yet exciting time in your life. Saying good-bye to the kids may involve a sense of loss, but also a new sense of freedom. Empty nesters often enjoy their golden years in a beautiful home with plenty of travel to see the kids and explore the world. These tips for empty nesters assume a home that sits empty for stretches of time:

  • Smart locks for code-based entry for cleaning and maintenance while you’re away
  • A full suite of security cameras that will immediately alert you to movement, so you can check in from anywhere via a smartphone app
  • Smart bulbs that can be programmed to mimic your lighting behaviors as if you were home
  • An irrigation system controlled by a smart outlet to adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions
  • Water sensors in the basement to alert for frozen or leaking pipes

All of our example households will want connected smoke detectors and CO2 monitors that can alert to dangers remotely, security cameras, motion detection, and window/door sensors. The number of devices and how they are configured can be customized based on personal needs.

A smart home security system is no longer just about protecting families from criminal activity — they help protect and care for those who live inside. Choosing the right features for your stage in life can save both money and time, while also allowing you to relax and enjoy the things that really matter.

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A total home security solution

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