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Top 5 Locations for Cameras In and Around Your Home

Smart Home

February 18, 2020

Of all of the advancements home security systems have seen over the years, few are as impactful as the WiFi-connected smart camera. Modern motion, window, and door sensors are great, but nothing will give you peace of mind like a high-definition video feed available whenever you need to check on your home.

Smart cameras are affordable, easy to install, and a cinch to use. Most cameras for the house integrate with security products like Xfinity Home through a simple smartphone app. Motion-based alerts, advanced features like night vision, and weather-resistant designs all help you keep an eye on different parts of your home or property. For round-the-clock monitoring, Xfinity Home also offers an optional 24/7 recording feature at an additional cost.

When it comes to installing smart cameras in and around your home, consider the places and rooms that will provide maximum benefit. The following is a quick guide to the most popular locations to mount a camera.

1. Over the primary entryway

When it comes to security cameras, the main thing you want to consider is the ability to view the most active areas of your home. For most families, that means having a camera positioned to record your primary entryway. Whether that’s the front door of your home or a side door by the garage, make sure you have a clear view of the area where most people enter and exit your home and deliver packages. From unwanted visitors to package theft, this is a blind spot that you can’t afford to miss.

2. Your backyard

Almost as high up on the list is making sure you’re covering your backyard and rear outdoor living spaces. Many thieves and intruders look for the most inconspicuous place to enter a property, and that typically means sneaking around back. A well-placed exterior camera can stop them in their tracks. It’s also great for families with kids who spend a lot of time playing outdoors.

If you’re wondering how to hide a security camera outside, consider placing an outdoor model under an eave or near a gutter pipe. They are easily overlooked in those locations and should still give you a good view of everything happening in this area of your property.

3. Near the garage or driveway

Outside cameras for the house are most often put in areas of high foot traffic, but don't overlook the driveway and garage. While you may not record many faces in this location, it’s an essential spot to cover if you want to get notifications when a delivery truck rolls up or if a suspicious car pulls in your driveway. Purchase a camera with sharp recording quality for this location so you can capture license plate details if needed.

4. Common living areas

Inside the house, focus on your common living areas. Visitors to your home spend their time in these rooms, and it’s also where a home's most expensive valuables — televisions, computers, and video game consoles — are located. A camera in these areas offers the added benefit of capturing sweet family moments or solving sibling arguments.

5. Playrooms and kid areas

Speaking of kids, a final popular location to place a smart camera is in the playroom and bedrooms of young kids. From using the camera as a baby monitor to keeping an eye on your kids as they play, a few smart cameras in these locations can give your family a boost in their ability to stay connected.

When adding smart cameras to your house, keep the home's layout and your family's lifestyle in mind. Whether you start with one well-placed camera or install multiple from the start, you’ll quickly discover that integrating smart cameras with your home’s security system or smart home hub is the right decision.

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A total home security solution

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