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Smart Home Security and Kid Safety

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A smart home security system is about more than just keeping the bad guys out, it’s also a great way to keep tabs on your kids and ensure they’re safe when you’re not home (or even when your back is turned). Whether you have an older child who is sometimes home alone, or a toddler just starting to get mobile, a smart home security system can be that extra pair of eyes every parent needs. Here’s how Xfinity Home can help give a boost to kid safety and peace of mind for your family.

Keep an eye on kids with live video

Every parent has said it at one time or another: with kids, you need eyes on the back of your head. While our services can’t exactly make that happen, we can give you an easy way to check in on your children when they’re not right next to you, all conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Install WiFi-enabled cameras in high-traffic areas, like the front door, living room, or hallway, and make sure everyone is home safe and sound while you wrap things up at work. Place exterior cameras facing the front porch and backyard, so you can monitor outside play while you get chores done inside. Going away for the weekend? With WiFi-enabled cameras, livestream video is accessible from your phone, so you can peek in on older kids you left behind anytime, from anywhere. (So there will be no more wild parties while you’re out of town.)

For example, Xfinity Home services allow you to stream live video on your smartphone, touchscreen controller, and even your big screen TV (if you have Xfinity X1, which provides a simple way to watch all your favorite entertainment in one place). Add recording capabilities to the camera system, and you can store footage for later viewing for up to 7 days.

Be prepared for emergencies with professional monitoring

For working parents, the reality is there are times you can’t be around when your children are home alone. It can be nerve-wracking to think what could happen in the case of emergencies. With Xfinity Home, you get 24/7 professional monitoring, so help is practically one button away. With Xfinity Home service, you’ll be automatically connected to a certified Central Monitoring Station, plus the authorities can be alerted when alarms are triggered.

Know they’re home safe with smart locks

Smart locks make the phrase “latchkey kid” a thing of the past. Pairing them with your home alarm system provides an extra layer of security—no need to hide keys under doormats or hand out spares to neighbors. Xfinity’s home security system works with many smart locks, so you can tie into their functionality to make your home even smarter. Have the lock connect to a smartphone, so when your child enters the yard with his or her phone in hand, the door automatically unlocks. Or, set it up with keypad and code. Give the kids their own special code to unlock the door, and you can receive an alert that they’re home from school safely. You can also choose smart locks with compatible key fobs—just attach one to your children’s backpacks, and all they need to do is touch the lock to open it.

And what if your kids still somehow manage to get locked out? Simply unlock the door for them remotely from your smartphone.

Stay on top of kids’ activity with motion sensors

Legacy security systems often required extensive wiring all over your house, but today’s systems come with wireless motion sensors that you can use as a child safety door alarm, so you can keep tabs on activity. Receive alerts to your phone if a sneaky teenager opens the door after curfew, or if your kids forget to close the door behind them after running out to catch up with a friend.

The ease of installing these devices means you can use them for so much more, including as an extra layer of childproofing. Put a sensor on the gate at the top of the stairs so that if your wandering toddler somehow gets past the child safety latch (or if someone forgot to lock it), you’ll be alerted. Put sensors on the door of the liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet, or safe, so you’ll receive notifications if a curious youngster somehow gets into them.

Smart home security systems aren’t just for preventing break-ins anymore—they’re also a way to help your household run a little smoother (and perhaps take a little anxiety out of parenting). Make your home smarter, and you may start to feel like you have that extra set of eyes you always wanted.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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