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Moving to a New Home? Add Home Security to Your Checklist

Smart Home

January 30, 2019

Whether you’ve just purchased your dream house or you’re heading to a new apartment in the city, moving into a new home comes with a lengthy to-do list. Once the papers are signed and you have the keys in hand, it’s time to pack your belongings, hire movers, and transfer utilities. Before you move in, make sure your new home is safe, secure, and smart.

With a home security system, not only can you help protect your new home and everything inside it, but you can also take advantage of some of the best smart home automation products to make it run smoothly and efficiently. Here’s how Xfinity Home, a total home security and home automation solution from Comcast, can help.

Choose features for a smarter home

Xfinity Home has home security and automation services to suit your new home and current budget:

Cameras with live video monitoring and recording: With live video monitoring, your home is never out of your sight. Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to access livestream footage from cameras positioned at your front door, garage, or any spot you choose. WiFi-enabled cameras work well to augment home security for apartments. Use them as part of a professionally monitored security system. Add 24/7 Video Recording, and your footage will be saved to the cloud, where you can view and download it for up to 7 days.

Motion-activated security alarms and smoke detectors: When smoke detectors or motion sensors are triggered, you can instantly receive a notification to your mobile device. Users can also arm and disarm alarms remotely.

Professional security monitoring that never sleeps: Professional 24/7 monitoring can help to keep your home safe as part of the Xfinity Home service. If an alarm is triggered, we’ll alert you and quickly dispatch the authorities.

Integration with smart home automation: Many of your smart devices can be integrated. Program your smart thermostat or smart lights to maximize energy efficiency and comfort. Set rules for different times of day, so your heat, air conditioning or lighting all work together automatically or with just the push of a button on your phone.

Remote access and instant notifications: Whether it’s an unexpected door opening when you’re out of town or a sudden change in temperature, Xfinity Home will notify you instantly of unexpected occurrences. You can manage your entire Xfinity Home system remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

You need your security system to function rain or shine. If your power goes out due to an accident or storm, Xfinity has a backup battery and cellular network to ensure that your security system stays online and your home remains protected.

Consider your service options

When you set up your utilities in your new home, consider options that will help everything work together. To support video recording, you’ll need at least 5 Mbps Internet upload speeds. Xfinity services are designed to work together seamlessly, so we’ll make sure your home is set up correctly. Xfinity Home technicians can help take one thing off your moving to-do list.

Bundling Internet, cable TV, and home security services means you’ll get streamlined products, but you’ll also save big at the same time. For example, Xfinity Quad Play, our top-tier bundle, is a one-stop solution to making your home completely connected. The Quad Play combines our four premiere services into one package: you’ll get top tier TV channels and entertainment, fast Internet speeds with the best in-home WiFi experience, reliable home phone service, and a complete home security solution. Learn more about Xfinity Home to get the best deal on the systems and services that will make your new home safer and smarter.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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