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A Guide to Taking Your Home Security System with You When You Move

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September 23, 2019

Whether it's for a job, to be closer to family, or you need more space, your reason for moving is personal. Careers and jobs are more mobile than ever before, and it's not at all uncommon to hear of someone moving across the country to pursue a new opportunity. Maybe you've just had a baby, and you need that extra bedroom, or perhaps you're just looking for a fresh start in a new neighborhood. No matter what moving situation you find yourself in, what does it mean for your current home security system?

Portable alarm systems do exist, and in many cases, your home security system can move with you. Whether or not you can carry your existing one depends entirely on the company, however. This guide can help you determine what to take when you move.

1. Check your security company's moving policy

Whether or not you can take your system with you depends on the company's policy regarding moves. Not all companies make it easy, and you might have to meet certain stipulations in your contract to be released from any further financial obligation. If your move doesn't meet these criteria, you could be responsible for paying the remainder of your agreement, even if you aren't using the equipment or monitoring services any longer.

2. Check for potential fees

Depending on the company, there may or may not be fees associated with moving your portable wireless security system. Sometimes these fees will be as little as a few dollars for a new activation fee, or you might need to pay a bit more for professional installation. As mentioned before, if you don't meet the right criteria, you might have to pay an early termination fee.

3. Consider any extra or additional equipment you might need

If you are moving into a larger home with more space, your old equipment might not be enough anymore. You may need a WiFi repeater to expand your network throughout the area, or you might want to invest in an additional security camera and more motion sensors.

If this sounds like a lot of added expense to take on with the already high cost of moving, don't worry — you may be able to get financing through your provider. For example, Xfinity Home offers an affordable monthly payment plan or a one-time payment for the entire system, depending on what customers prefer. You can also invest in individual pieces of equipment to suit your needs.

4. Consider what existing equipment you can use

When you move into a new location, you might find that it already has a home security control panel and other home security equipment. If this is the case, you may be able to integrate your current system with the existing equipment. You may also be able to forgo any installation fees in lieu of a small activation fee and take over the equipment that's already there. Just make sure it is compatible with your home security provider.

A new home move is an expensive endeavor, and there's no need to add more costs if you can avoid it. Before you pack up and begin the process of moving your life from one place to another, find out whether your home security system can move with you. It can save you money on equipment costs and installation fees — a welcome prospect as you settle into your new home.

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A total home security solution

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