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Home Security: Why You Should Consider Professional Monitoring

Smart Home

April 05, 2019

You may wonder whether professional home security monitoring is a necessary part of a home security system. After all, isn't the entire point of a connected security system that you can check any alerts from your phone and act accordingly? While having access to live video monitoring is key, it’s important to think about the times you’re away from home, and away from your phone. Monitored home security systems allow professionals to take over during emergencies, ensuring your home stays protected when you're away, asleep, or simply unavailable. Here's how home monitoring works, and how it adds an extra layer of protection.

1. Professional monitoring contacts the authorities for you

Smart motion sensors and cameras can send you an alert if something (or someone) triggers your security system, but if your phone is off or you’re busy, you might not notice the alert until it’s too late.

A professional monitoring team (or camera monitoring service) is a central group of security specialists who are notified the moment your alarm is triggered. In the event of an alarm, they’ll call you and report the activity. If you don't pick up (or you answer and indicate that the activity is suspicious), they’ll contact the authorities to be dispatched to your home immediately.

2. Professional monitoring is there for emergencies

Professional monitoring doesn't just cover home security. It also keeps an eye on the other sensors in your home, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. A carbon monoxide leak can render someone unable to respond by the time it's detected, but professional monitoring notifies firefighters and first responders of the situation and makes sure immediate, life-saving help comes your way.

3. Professional monitoring acts as a built-in panic button

It's a nightmare scenario: someone breaks into your home while you're there, and you're forced to hide and hope they leave. In a situation like that, you may not want to speak up for fear of alerting the intruder to your presence. A professional monitoring company will detect the intruder, take over, and send help your way, even if you can't let them know you need it.

A professional monitoring team is specifically trained to react and respond quickly; in the event of an emergency, they'll place calls to the proper authorities to ensure as little damage is done as possible. The team will also turn over any evidence your system gathered, such as video or snapshots of the event.

With 24-hour security monitoring, you have peace of mind when you're away and protection when you're at home. See how we can help: 24/7 professional monitoring is part of the Xfinity Home security system.