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Best Cell Phone Plans for Families in 2021


April 23, 2021

Keeping your family connected is a crucial part of modern life — thankfully, today’s cell phone technology makes it easier than ever before. However, choosing the best family cell phone plan isn’t all that easy; it can mean spending far too much time with a calculator, or poring over your monthly bill. Here are the top factors to consider for finding the best choice in a family plan.

Finding flexibility

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you don’t have enough data, and are paying overages or higher prices to add data. A good family mobile plan is one that allows you flexibility with your data usage. With Xfinity Mobile, you can easily switch from Unlimited Data to shared gigabytes during your billing cycle and can pay for more data when you need it (at the same price as if you had chosen the shared data plan at the beginning of the month). This means never worrying about using too much or too little data — you just pay for what you use.

Getting easy access for all

Say goodbye to line access fees. With Xfinity Mobile, you can get up to five lines included with your Xfinity Internet service, unlimited nationwide calls and text messages, and access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, saving your data for when you really need it. (On average, Xfinity Mobile customers use 3 Gb less data per month thanks to access to those hotspots.)

Setting up your plan

For a family of four, here are some simple options for great family plans:

  • Two lines on the Unlimited Plan + two lines with 2 Gb (If your children used more than 2 Gb, you can pay per additional gigabyte used.)
  • One line on the Unlimited Plan + three lines with 3 Gb

While 3 Gb doesn’t sound like a lot, with access to Xfinity’s mobile hotspots you can easily use 6 Gb or more for a low price by relying on a mixture of data and WiFi (a considerable savings compared to most other carriers’ plans).

With Xfinity Mobile, you can easily mix and match between unlimited and per gigabyte data each month, or just stick with shared data if your main phone usage revolves around calling and texting. For families that have low data usage, all four of you could share a 3 Gb plan. Learn more about the Xfinity Mobile plans, including the best cell phone plans for kids, that could work for your family.

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