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WiFi 101: Troubleshooting Made Easy


When you’re having Internet issues, solving the problem might be easier than you think. Xfinity offers the best in-home WiFi experience, and to make it even better, we’re adding built-in troubleshooting tools to help our customers stay connected.

Read on to learn more about some basic troubleshooting tips. You can also test your device speeds in real time with our new Xfinity speed test. Check out the Xfinity My Account App for more information.

Basic troubleshooting tips to end WiFi woes

Sometimes, Internet connectivity issues can be resolved with these simple troubleshooting tips first to see if they solve your WiFi woes:

  • Move your Gateway around. If your wireless device is experiencing connectivity issues in certain parts of the home and not others, it might be worth re-positioning your Gateway to a more centralized location.
  • Restart your device. Sometimes the issue isn’t with your Internet connection, but with the device or application itself. Restarting your device often clears this up.
  • Update your router. Your Wi-Fi is only as good as your router, and WiFi technology has gotten much faster and more reliable over the past few years. If you haven’t updated your router recently, your latest smartphones, tablets, and computers will have to fall back to a speed your old router can handle.
  • If you have a new Gateway but you’re using an older device, your Gateway may have to “slow down” for your device to be able to keep up.

Remember these tips, but also make sure the cables connected to your Gateway are secure. The coax cable on the back of your Gateway running to the wall should be tight and the Ethernet cables attached to devices like gaming consoles and computers should be checked as well. Loose cables are a frequent cause of slow or intermittent speeds.



For more troubleshooting help, visit or simply say “Teach me more” into your X1 Voice Remote. There, you can find more helpful tips and support articles that can keep your streaming and Web-surfing “up to speed.” You can also check out these other ways you can optimize your home WiFi, like getting coverage where you need it, making sure every device gets the speed it needs, and positioning your gateway like a pro.



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