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WiFi 101: Speed for Every Device


April 02, 2020

When your WiFi is working, your connected home is working. But did you know the speed associated with your subscriber package is the speed into your home, which all your devices share? Each device uses a different amount depending on what it’s doing, and if all your devices are going at once, there might not be enough speed to go around.

How is WiFi like pie? They’re both cut into slices

Think of your in-home WiFi network like a pie— everything connected to takes a “slice” to work the way it should. Checking emails on your smartphone, for example, only takes a small sliver of the pie, while streaming UHD 4K video requires a much larger piece.

When you’re doing all of these things at once, some devices might not get the slice they need, which can lead to issues like buffering, stuttering, or slow downloads.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right data plan to support all your devices. It’s easy to manage your plan in the My Account app.

If you have the right plan and still are experiencing issues, certain devices may be having a hard time accessing all the speed coming into your Gateway. Here are a few tips to have you streaming, gaming, or surfing the Web in no time!

  • You get the best speeds when you hardwire devices directly to your Gateway with an Ethernet cable. Whenever possible, hardwire gaming consoles, laptops streaming 4K content, and other data-hungry devices to your Gateway.
  • Make sure you have good WiFi coverage by positioning your Gateway like a pro, so that all your wireless devices get the best speed. You can find out more here.

To learn more about speed, or even test the speed your devices use, try our new speed test, which comes complete with useful information and troubleshooting tips.



The speeds you need to power a connected lifestyle

Remember: We have data plans for every type of Internet user and home. Whether you’re a gamer, a work-from-home aficionado, or a student, we have speeds that work for everyone. Just sign into the Xfinity My Account App or say “Teach me more” into your X1 Voice Remote to learn more about all the packages Xfinity has to offer.

You can also check out these other ways you can optimize your home WiFi, like getting coverage where you need it, positioning your gateway like a pro, and view solutions to enhance your experience. Learn how 5g home internet speed compares to your current wifi



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