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WiFi 101: Position Your Gateway Like a Pro


Getting the strongest WiFi signal in your home is important. If your WiFi coverage and strength needs improving, the first thing you should check is how your gateway is positioned in your home. Your Gateway is like a lightbulb — it expands out from wherever it’s placed. You wouldn’t hide it away in your attic, basement, or any other cramped space. You want it to shine brightly and illuminate as much area as possible. Getting reliable and fast WiFi to all of your devices is much the same.

Learn more about how the best way to position your Gateway and you’ll be streaming, surfing the Web, and gaming with ease in no time!

Positioning your Gateway

It’s important to place your Gateway in a central location. The farther your devices are from the Gateway, the weaker the signal becomes and the slower they perform. Try placing your Gateway in a central location, like a living room, a few feet off the floor or in another common area that has plenty of open space where you and your family use your devices the most.

Tip: Don’t place your Gateway too close to any devices that might interfere with it, such as a baby monitor, a microwave, Bluetooth speakers, or other electronics.

If the size, composition, or layout of your home make it difficult to place your Gateway centrally, you can invest in WiFi extenders, such as WiFi Boost Pods from Xfinity.

If you’ve sorted out your coverage issue and are still experiencing slowdowns, it might be worth subscribing to a plan with faster speeds. Your Internet speed is shared between all your devices, and the more devices you have, the more speed you need. Having an appropriately sized plan ensures that all of the devices in your home can work optimally - even when multiple people are online at the same time.



More tips and troubleshooting

If you placed your Gateway in a central location and have the appropriate Internet plan but still need help, try our new speed test experience for troubleshooting and tips. You can also sign into your Xfinity My Account App or say “Teach me More” into your X1 Voice Remote, scroll down to Internet Tips, and check out our helpful pointers. You can also check out these other ways you can optimize your home WiFi, like getting coverage where you need it, making sure every device gets the speed it needs, and view solutions to enhance your experience.





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