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WiFi 101: Coverage Where You Need It


Tired of dealing with spotty WiFi? We have you covered. Unleash the full potential of your home WiFi network with Xfinity. Check out our useful tips below to get the strongest WiFi connection throughout your entire home.

Common causes of spotty WiFi coverage

Some of the most common causes of spotty WiFi coverage include: a poorly positioned Gateway (modem/router), non-optimal Gateway settings, or simply the size and construction of your home. The good news is these issues can often be easily remedied with simple tips and tricks.

First, remember that where you position your Gateway matters. WiFi expands out from your Gateway equally in all directions like light from a lightbulb. You wouldn’t want to place your Gateway in a closet near the back of your home, for example, or in a lower-level basement where the signals could be impeded by walls and other obstacles. A location that is centrally located to most of your devices is ideal when it comes to placing your Gateway.

Next, one quick WiFi setting change could save you a lot of problems: Use one network name and password. Most modern Gateways (such as Xfinity Gateways) broadcast two network names at the same time, one optimized for speed and one optimized for coverage. By using the same name and password for both, your devices can move freely between them, automatically picking the best one on their own. If you notice that you have two network names, maybe something like “MyNetwork” and “MyNetwork 5Ghz,” try the tip below:

To help your devices perform better, go to the Xfinity app and tap the arrow key by your WiFi name. There, you will have the option to edit your WiFi and make sure both your bands are working together under the same WiFi name and password.

Finally, the size and construction of your home could be the source of your WiFi coverage problems. If your home has brick or concrete interior walls that absorb WiFi signals or it simply is very large, a strong WiFi signal might not be making its way to all areas of your home, resulting in slower speeds. If you already tried moving your Gateway to the most central location of your home and you are still experiencing dead spots or an unreliable WiFi connection, it might be time to invest in WiFi Boost Pods to extend your WiFi’s reach.


We’re here to help. For more information on this and other WiFi tips, visit Additionally, you can learn more about optimizing your in-home WiFi experience and test your device connections in real time using our new speed test experience. Get the most out of your connection and get coverage when and where you need it with Xfinity. You can also check out these other ways you can optimize your home WiFi, like positioning your gateway like a pro, making sure every device gets the speed it needs, and view solutions to enhance your experience.

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