Network construction in progress

We're working hard to build the Next Generation Network


We're getting you ready for what's next with even faster, more powerful, and more reliable Internet — so you can do more, connect more, and enjoy more of what you love. In the coming months, we'll be enhancing our network, ultimately enabling us to deliver multigigabit upload and download speeds to meet the growing needs of today and tomorrow.



Your services will be impacted while we're making these updates. We know it's frustrating to lose your connection, so please provide your mobile number to stay informed about when your services will be affected throughout this process.

How your services will be affected

When work begins in your area, Xfinity and Comcast Business services will be interrupted (typically for 2 hours) followed by a few periods of intermittent downtime.

All Internet-connected devices

Phone and emergency services

Security systems and professional monitoring

Xfinity TV and entertainment services

Be prepared and stay informed with real-time text alerts

We'll text you the day before the network improvements begin in your area
During the interruption, your equipment and services will be offline, typically for 2 hours, followed by a few periods of intermittent downtime. Depending on your equipment, professional monitoring may switch to cellular backup.
We'll text you when the interruption is complete and your service is restored

Access your entertainment while you wait

Download Xfinity Stream included with your service to watch content anytime, anywhere.

Restart your Gateway to get back online

Having trouble connecting? Restart your gateway using the Xfinity app or by unplugging the power cable, waiting one minute, and plugging the power cable back in. It may take a few minutes to come back online.

We're here for any questions or concerns