xFi Complete

Xfi Complete

The best in-home WiFi

Get complete peace of mind with the best in-home WiFi and xFi Gateway all-in-one modem + router, plus Unlimited Data.

Ultimate Control

Our xFi Gateway gives you a powerful, secure connection and ensures the ones you love are protected online.

Unlimited Data

Have peace of mind doing everything you love online with Unlimited Data. A $30/mo value, included.

WiFi Coverage

Enjoy the best WiFi coverage throughout your home, with an xFi Pod included if recommended.


Due to recent Internet data changes, xFi Complete is no longer available.

WiFi Pod WiFi Pod

WiFi coverage throughout your whole home 

When you get xFi Complete, you also get an automatic home WiFi evaluation — to help identify WiFi signal issues, no technician needed — plus an xFi Pod included if recommended, at no extra cost.

Unlimited Data for unlimited everything

Nonstop Streaming

Enjoy 24/7 shows, movies, music, video chats, livestreams . . . all of it.

Multiplayer Gaming

Game online with friends as much as you want. Go unlimited and conquer like a pro.

Smart Devices

More data for devices that are always online. And then some.