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New! Storm-Ready WiFi. Only with Xfinity.

Get a Storm-Ready device with a Battery Backup and keep your home online through network and power outages with cellular data at no additional charge.

Purchase for $7/mo for 36 months or a one-time payment of $252.
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Restrictions apply. Only available in areas within range of applicable 4G LTE cellular signal. Requires Xfinity Internet with 800 Mbps service or higher and compatible Gateway. Fully charged Xfinity Battery Backup will provide up to 4 hours of power. Device runs on cellular 4G LTE (data plans not affected). During power outages, Internet will be reduced to speeds up to 30 Mbps download/7 Mbps upload. Actual speeds will vary and are not guaranteed. See pricing and other information for details.

The first internet provider in the US to keep you connected with a cellular backup network.

Automatically switches to a 4G LTE backup cellular network during outages
Set up in minutes and receive real-time outage updates through the Xfinity app
Helps extend WiFi and eliminate deadspots — even when you’re not in an outage

No power. No problem.

Your rechargeable Battery Backup will keep you online for up to 4 hours during a power outage.
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Get started with Storm-Ready WiFi

Storm-Ready WiFi makes getting coverage during an outage easier than ever. To get started, simply select 800 Mbps internet or higher, add your Gateway and Storm-Ready device, and stay reliably connected for up to 4 hours when the power is out.
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