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Storm-Ready WiFi

Up and running, even when the power's down

Keep connected during outages with unlimited cellular data and a 4-hour battery backup. Get Storm-Ready WiFi to stay online for just $7/mo for 36 mos or a one-time payment of $252.
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Xfinity Internet required. Restrictions apply. Only available in areas within range of applicable 4G LTE cellular signal. See pricing & other info for details.

Xfinity is the first internet provider in the U.S. to keep your WiFi connected during outages with a cellular backup network

Set up in minutes and get real-time outage updates on the Xfinity app
Automatically switches to a 4G LTE backup cellular network during outages
Helps extend WiFi and reduce deadspots even when you’re not in an outage

Battery backup for peace of mind

Keep streaming during outages — Storm-Ready WiFi includes up to 4 hours of power from your rechargeable battery backup. 
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Get started today for the easiest outages yet

Keep calm and distracted with Storm-Ready WiFi. All you need is a compatible Xfinity Gateway + Xfinity Internet to get started.
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