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Don't miss a single pitch. Experience all that baseball has to offer — every game, fastball, curveball, and unexpected victory. 

Available MLB Channels

The closest you can get to baseball without being there

MLB Network

MLB Network

The ultimate TV destination for baseball fans. Get live games, expert analysis, breaking news and more.
Available with 220+ Preferred or 260+ Preferred depending on your location. 
MLB Extra Innings

MLB Extra Innings

Catch all the baseball action this season with MLB Extra Innings on Xfinity. Get up to 90 out-of-market games each week.
Just four payments of $43.49 with an existing TV package.

XFINITY X1: The ultimate sports companion

The X1 entertainment experience will change the way you watch TV. Check scores, get stats, and track multiple games right on your TV, all while watching another game live. Plus, with the X1 Voice Remote, you can find games fast, change channels, and more.


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