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Catch all the baseball action this season with MLB Extra Innings on Xfinity. Get up to 90 out-of-market games each week. Get the Regular Season package for four payments of $43.49 with an existing TV package.

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Order on X1 by saying "MLB Extra Innings" into your X1 Voice Remote.

Don't miss a game

Catch up to 90 out-of-market games per week.

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Get live scores and advanced stats right on your TV with Xfinity X1.

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For the ultimate fan

MLB Extra Innings delivers up to 90 out-of-market games each week, along with dual-feed broadcasts and the mosaic channel to catch multiple games at once.

Xfinity X1: The ultimate sports companion

The X1 entertainment experience will change the way you watch TV. Check scores, get stats, and track multiple games right on your TV, all while watching another game live. Plus, with the X1 Voice Remote, you can find games fast, change channels, and more.

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Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Residential customers only. Offer limited to MLB Extra Innings and requires subscription to Limited Basic (or above) TV service. Your subscription will automatically be billed in 4 total payments. Installation payment option not available in all areas. If the installation payment option is not available in your area, you will instead be billed one payment for the full amount of the then current season’s full-season early-bird rate. If you wish to cancel your subscription, or do not wish to renew, you may call Comcast at 1-800-Comcast up to 30 days after you the season starts and receive your money back. We’ll refund the monthly recurring fee for your first 30 days of service. After the first 30 days of a season, MLB Extra Innings cannot be canceled or pro-rated. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, extra, and subject to change. Service limited to a single outlet. Limited Basic service required to receive other services. Blackout restrictions apply. Pricing subject to change. Comcast © 2018. All rights reserved. Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of the applicable MLB entities. Visit