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New Baby, New Worries: How a Home Security System Can Give You Peace of Mind

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December 04, 2018

Having a baby is an exciting time for any new family. This new addition to your family can also come with new worries and concerns. You may want more eyes (and ears) on your child to see that he or she is secure at every moment. Keeping baby safe at home is every parent’s top priority. A smart home security system—like the one available through Xfinity Home—can provide that extra level of security new parents need. Read on to learn more about 24/7 protection features, safety alerts, and that feeling of an extra pair of watchful eyes on your child.

Secure your home day and night

Now that you have a new family to protect, you’ll want a home security system that’s always at work, even when you’re at home. All Xfinity Home security systems come with 24/7 professional monitoring included. These security systems can act as your eyes and ears when you’re sleeping, ready to send help right away in the event of an emergency. If an alarm is set off, a motion detector will be triggered. If your smoke detector goes off, we’ll also send a mobile notification alerting you which device was activated, so you can act immediately to keep your family safe.

A reliable and fast-acting smoke and heat monitoring system is a must for all new families. Wireless smoke and heat detectors can alert you to an emergency situation even if you’re away from home, making it a safer choice than a traditional smoke alarm.

Use cameras as a high-tech baby room monitor

Let’s face it—new parents tend to check in on their baby many, many times throughout the night. Even when your little one is sleeping peacefully, you’ll find a reason to take just one more peek. With WiFi-enabled cameras, you can stream footage of your baby’s room to your mobile device, or even your TV screen. A home security camera in the nursery can act as a video baby monitor, allowing you to check in on your baby from your phone, wherever and whenever you want. Plus, our security cameras are equipped with “night vision,” so you can get a clear look, day or night.

Pro Tip: Set the security camera’s video quality to “high” for a crisp and clear look at your child’s room. Camera settings can be changed from your Touchscreen Controller or mobile device.

Easily check in when your baby is in someone else’s care

With Xfinity Home, you can have up to four security cameras stream directly to your phone on the Xfinity app, allowing you to check in remotely to see that everyone is safe and your household is running smoothly. For example, a security camera on your front porch can show that your nanny and child made it home from their playdate; a camera in your child’s room lets you know that naptime is going as planned.

Just remember that trust and honest communication is a vital part of your relationship with your nanny or babysitter, so talk to them about the cameras and sensors in your home. Make sure your home care team knows that your cameras are simply there to keep tabs on all comings and goings while you’re away.

You might not be able to have eyes on your baby every moment of the day, but with a smart home security system, you can feel like you do. Learn more about how Xfinity Home can help provide peace of mind, and make this time with your new baby all the more enjoyable and memorable.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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