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More than just Pet Cams: How Home Security Can Give Pet Owners Peace of Mind

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January 30, 2019

Your pets are important members of the family, so it’s only natural that you’re concerned about their safety and comfort at home while you’re away. Whether you just want to keep them happy (and out of trouble!), or you want extra safeguards in case of an emergency, Xfinity Home can help. Our home security systems take pet cameras to a whole different level.

Monitor pet and caretaker activity

Wouldn’t we all love to see what Fido is up to all day? Having a “doggie cam” is a fun way to get an insider look at what your pet does while you’re out, but it can also clue you in on potential safety hazards in your home. Smart WiFi-enabled cameras—like those included in Xfinity Home’s security service—give you remote access, so you can peek in on pet antics and prevent mishaps—whether your dog is apt to nose around the chocolate stash, or your cat likes to swipe at the curtains.

With Xfinity Home, you can view livestream footage directly from your mobile device or even access 7 days of video history. This is valuable if you have a dog walker or caretaker who comes to your home—it’s easy to review previous footage if an incident took place. Keep an eye on their comings and goings to be sure your four-legged family member is getting the proper care. The live monitoring feature allows you to check in on your pet and hired help in real time. Pair your security system with a smart door lock, and you can even let your service providers into your home remotely and lock up again once they’ve left.

Get immediate help in emergencies

In more serious circumstances, such as a break-in or a fire, your pet may need urgent help. Professionally-installed smoke detectors are an essential way to keep your home and pet safe in the event of a fire. When an alarm is triggered, Xfinity’s Central Monitoring System will notify you to verify the alarm, and emergency personnel will be notified and dispatched to your residence.

Xfinity Home provides standard 24/7 professional home monitoring with cellular backup and includes the ability to alert authorities and arm or disarm your system remotely. If your pet needs to be rescued or helped, the fast response time can make all the difference.

Ensure your pet’s comfort

In addition to providing home security solutions and pet surveillance cameras, Xfinity Home can be paired with several other smart home devices to help keep your pet safe and comfortable. They can be controlled remotely from the Xfinity Home app when integrated through the easy-to-use smart home hub.

  • Remote thermostat control: The ability to remotely adjust your home’s smart thermostat from your phone means your pet can stay comfortable in extreme or unexpected weather conditions. You can also create a schedule based on your family’s daily routine to use energy only when and where you need to—to help cut down on energy costs. When you see your cat taking her nap in the basement, turn down the heat upstairs to save energy, all from your smartphone.
  • Automated lighting: Jam-packed schedules and last-minute engagements can leave your pet in the dark if you get home later than usual. The automated lighting option on your Xfinity Home app allows you to create a customized lighting schedule and adjust it as needed, remotely turn lights on and off, and use a dimmer switch for specific areas of your home.

Make your pets feel like you’re at home even when you’re not. Learn more about how Xfinity Home’s security features can help give you peace of mind and ensure their safety when you can’t be there.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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