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4 Smart Home Products That Can Keep Your Home Safe During a Remodel

Smart Home

June 27, 2019

Does anything interrupt the rhythms of life more than a home remodel? Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen or adding a new wing to your home, remodeling your space can throw anyone for a loop.

The good news? Today’s smart home products make remodeling a home or apartment far less stressful than it used to be. The next time you decide to redesign your environment, these four products can help protect your home and make the process go a little smoother.

1. Prevent disasters with smart sensors

If you’re going through an extensive remodeling process, your home can feel torn apart for longer than you expect. Exposed beams, construction smells and debris, and power disruptions can wreak havoc on your former living space. Smart sensors are inexpensive and easy to install, making them a great tool for securing your home during this time.

Most contractors are responsible, but even the best craftsmen can get distracted and leave your home open to the elements and other dangers. Setting up a few smart sensors can help keep your home or apartment safe. For example:

  • Window sensors can alert you to any open windows that the painters forgot to close.
  • Water sensors can alert you to a leaky pipe below a newly installed kitchen sink.
  • Alarm sensors can immediately send your phone a notification if strange levels of smoke or carbon monoxide are detected.

2. Keep your cool with a smart thermostat

If woodworkers turn off the air conditioner to control dust or the painters crank it up to cool down as they work around the house, your sensors may alert you to an unexpected temperature change in your space. A smart thermostat can help you get your home back to a reasonable temperature range, even if you’re away during the remodel.

Smart thermostats are especially helpful if you’re installing or refinishing hardwood floors. Humidity can make or break a proper installation, so a smart thermostat can help you keep your home’s temperature at just the right level.

Of course, a smart thermostat can also save you money on your monthly electric bills. With all these advantages, think of your remodel as a good reason to finally make an upgrade.

3. Monitor the progress with a smart camera

Every homeowner wants to keep a watchful eye on everything going on during a remodel. Today’s inexpensive smart cameras are a perfect solution for a task like this.

If you have power and WiFi, a smart camera will let you record footage and get a live view of your remodel progress from your smartphone. You can make sure contractors arrive on time, give opinions on paint colors through a live video feed, and keep an eye out for burglars while your home is more exposed than usual. Even if your home is without power and WiFi, some smart cameras can function on a long-lasting battery and a cellular Internet connection.

4. Deter burglars with smart lighting

A home remodel opens your home up to security risks. Open windows, torn-down walls, and disabled locks can all result in theft during your renovation. Smart lighting can be the deterrent you need while your home is exposed. Smart lights can be set up to turn on at a specific time, even if nobody is home, making it look like your house is occupied. Outdoor lighting can also illuminate your home’s exterior and surrounding lawn, making it easy to see if anyone is trespassing on your property.

The next time you remodel your space, these tips for securing your home can give you peace of mind. Leave room for a few smart home gadgets in your budget — you’ll continue to enjoy them long after the remodel is complete.

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