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Do Home Security Systems Reduce Crime? The Effective Ways to Prevent Break-ins

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April 05, 2019

A home security system is extremely valuable tool that can alert you to an intrusion; when someone triggers the system, alarms sound, cameras record, and a notification is sent to the authorities. But what’s even better? The presence of a home security system might even motivate would-be burglars to avoid the attempt altogether.

So, are home alarm systems effective in preventing burglaries? Here’s what the statistics say, plus tips for how to deter burglars from your home with a security system.

Display stickers and yard signs

A study by the National Institute of Justice revealed that burglars are less likely to target a home protected by a security system. Many burglaries tend to be crimes of opportunity: an easy target with few obstacles. That being said, a home that’s well-protected is less appealing to burglars.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte performed a similar study on burglary to reveal the factors that make a target appealing. The researchers asked burglars whether a security system made a difference, and more than 80% said they would try to determine whether a security system was present before they attempted a burglary. Another 60% stated that a triggered alarm would cause them to flee.

One of the best ways to indicate to burglars that your home is protected is to place window stickers on your home, and display yard signs. This gives possible intruders a clear signal that a security system is present, making an intruder think twice before targeting your home.

Install motion-activated lights

Homes that are not well-lit provide more places to hide, and are more enticing to burglars. A study performed by Rutgers University found that a home security system doesn't just deter criminals from the home, but from the entire area. If you install motion-activated lights outside your home, you can shed some light (literally) on anyone sneaking around and prevent home break-ins.

These lights can also be tied into an overall home security system to provide even more protection. For example, you can program your cameras to begin recording when the security lights detect motion.

Place security cameras around your home

Just as motion-activated lights and yard signs warn burglars that they are being watched, indoor/outdoor security cameras act as a noticeable reminder that a home is protected, and that any criminal activity will be caught on film. If a burglar does break in, the cameras can capture the thief's face and movements, so you have evidence to turn over to the authorities.

Install alarms

The blaring sound of a home security alarm is the last thing a burglar wants to hear. Alarms can be triggered by motion-activated door and window sensors. Even if you aren't at home to act, the sound can draw the attention of neighbors and lets them know something is wrong. With a smart home security system like Xfinity Home, you can get real-time notifications on your smartphone that the alarm was triggered.

Security systems with professional monitoring will also alert the authorities so help will be on the way. Professional monitoring means that a team of trained specialists monitor your home's systems at all times.

While it's always better to deter crime, a home security system helps protect your home no matter how determined a thief might be. See how Xfinity Home can help you signal to would-be burglars that they should just move along.

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A total home security solution

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